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    I think one of the problems is that everyone dealing with sclc, whether survivor or loved one, is painfully aware of its statistics and nasty behavior. Sometimes the last thing you need when trying to fight and maintain strength is to have depressing information dropped on you unnecessarily. When you or your loved one gets that good PET scan, you want to rejoice in it -- not think, "it's only a matter of time until I get a bad scan, so what's the point?" So people react.
    My personal reaction when reading the original post went something like, "WHAT THE [insert favorite 4-letter word here]? Who needs to read this?" Because the hopelessness overwhelmed the message of support. I can read it again now and see where Sheri was coming from and what she was trying to say.
    While I agree everyone should be able to freely express themselves here, I also strongly believe that the people reading these forums (myself included) don't need to be pummeled with dreadful statistics that they're almost certainly already aware of. It's the people outside of these forums who need the education. "Calls to action," like Don posted are an entirely different story.
    Sheri -- bravo to you for putting your time into fundraising. Your dad's story is very inspiring. Prayers for continued NED.
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