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  1. Yes I do have help.

    My husband and my best friend who lives a block from me.

    Night time is worse for me my mom is sleeping most of the time.

    But she gets up 3 or 4 am to go to bathroom and thats when she falls. So I set my alarm for 3:15am and check on her. This am I got to her b4 she woke up.

    So no fall this am.

    I would like her to stick around until her bday june 27th but don't think she will

  2. I posted back in Feb or March about my mom

    We found out on Jan 30 2008 she has lung cancer Iv with brain mets.

    It was inoperatable and she has tumors throughout her body.

    She didn't want treatment cuz she wanted quailty of life.

    Well this is June and she is going downhill fast. The past 2 weeks she has been in bed.

    But still gets up to smoke. She eats very little and can barely walk.

    She is confused and sometimes paronoid.

    Its soooo much to see such a strong independant woman like this.

    Hospice said she probally has bout 2 to 3 weeks left.

    Im the only one taking care of her I finally talked her into getting a nurse 1 day a week.

    for 4hours so i can go do my errands. My husband tries to help but my mom don't want him in bathroom with her which i understand.

    She fell at 3 am and i didnt hear her and im afraid she is going to hurt herself bad.

    We got a baby monitor but at night it is hard to tell if she is just turning over or getting u p. Hospice said for her to call for me to get out of bed but she wont listen

    omg im stressed and i feel helpless.

    any ideas?



  3. Thank you all for support.

    My mom and Dr decided for no treatment. My mom watched my dad go though chemo and it was hell

    My dad died when he was 46 I was 15

    My mother would rather have a few good months than be sick.

    She looks fine. Maybe looks tired

    but she cant control her bowels and I know that is one of the signs the body is shutting down.

    And she is sleeping alot.

    She eats good but she is losing weight I just dont know what will happen next.

    thank you all


  4. I posted before but we found out my mom had lung cancer in both lungs with brain mets. It has spread thoughout her entire body.

    Hospice is here and they say my mom will only last about 3 months.

    We accept this and are taking care of my mom.

    She said she is not in pain but she cant control her bowels at all she wakes up in middle of night and wont make it to bathroom. We got her some depends it helped a lil. She takes imodium but not helping

    anyone have any advice plzzz

    its 3:28am and im really scared for her



  5. Update on my mom

    Mon she fell she said her leg gave out.

    Hospice came gave her walker wheelchair, and potty for shower and bedside.

    she says she is not in pain.

    She looks fine she does get a lil absent minded.

    Social worker from hospice came yesterday read Dr. report and said enjoy the time you have now with her because next week she may not be ok.

    We found out jan 30 th

    and they said 3 to 4 months

    she refuses to get 2nd opinion

    results say the turmors are to numerous to count

    and there are 2 in her brain she has them in her kidneys chest wall lungs

    I don't know how anyone could survive this.

    but im looking at the facts

    Thank you all for your support


  6. The Dr told my mom they could give her chemo and radation but it wouldn't help.

    They can't operate at all.

    And My mom would rather spend whatever time she has left not sick.

    I went to Dr today with her and they showed me the test results and Im not a dr but you can clearly see the tumors.

    the one in her brain has grown since she found out and that was wed jan 31st

    there were so many tumors it was really hard to look at.

    she dont want 2nd opinion cuz she said it would be the same.

    Dont know what to do

    all i know is 90 days to live is alot to take in

    Who knows my mom is stubbon may defy drs.

    i have noticed a few changes in her like weight loss

    she is off balance now

    just hard im worried i know i need to stay strong for her but its hard when my mom was the one that was always the strong one.

    Yes im very close to my mother.

    thank you all for your support



  7. This what the paper says

    irregular mass in right lower lobe extending to right

    infrahilar region suspicious for primary neoplasm

    abutting the right heart border

    multiple small nodules identifies throught both lungs

    mild interstital dsease thoughout both lungs

    mass within left adrenal gland suspicious for metastatic disease

    several small enhancing lesions in cerebral hemisphere for metastatic disease

    And there is more on paper

    so alot of it dont make sense

  8. maybe i didnt give you guys enough info

    she has adenocarcinoma which spread to adrena glands dont know if i spelled that right but She has cancer in both her lungs and it has spread to her brain. Im starting to think back at little things like her losing her balance she keeps cleaning her glasses cause she said they were foggy

    she was getting dizzy. She has no headaches.

    She thought she had a pimple on the back of her head and it didnt go away so she went to derm and they did byop and the dr called in 4 days wanting her to come in for mri cat scan and some other tests.

    I live in So Calif and my mom has one of the best Oncog drs.

    Sorry if my spelling is off here but it just is fustrating to think my mom is not going to be here.

  9. Just found out my mom has lung cancer which spread to her brain they gave her 3 to 4months to live.

    She looks and acts healthy. But drs say within the next month she will not be herself.

    I am very close to my mom and still in shock and I cant imagin my life without her.

    I don't want her to suffer

    I really dont know what to expect.

    can anyone give me some advice?

    thank you

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