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    Addie got a reaction from Mally in Here's What I Did To Fight SCLC   
    This post is wonderful. It's such an expression of your spirit and your survivorship.
    You know, part of what works or doesn't work, I think, is in the BELIEVING that it will work! Of course, some good common sense things to do to take care of ourselves helps a lot. And your message is full of such things.
    I never realized what you said about thin skinned fruits...but I can tell you that the one fruit I've eaten even thru chest rad, was cantaloup. I still crave it sometimes! I do eat an apple once in a while but I cut the skin off.
    I'm so pleased you are doing well...and I'm going to print out your advice. I'm not saying I can or will follow it all...but so much of it is sensible and easy, that I'll beef up my efforts.
    Love your comment about the fat cow...AND until our recent trip west and a loss of just 4-5 lbs, my weight has stayed stable and I work at keeping it that way!
    Thanks again for your great advice! Stay well.
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