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Tom Galli


I am a capitalist!  I firmly believe profit is a reward for good performance and indeed it is an expected reward.  Nothing is more important in business than making a profit.  Nothing!  My purpose for writing this is to acquaint you with a new type of business on the lung cancer scene — a for profit advocacy company.  That’s right, companies have been formed to advocate for and sustain those in lung cancer treatment and expect to earn a profit -- off us!  Let that sink in for a moment.

Why a for profit seeking venture for lung cancer? Our disease kills three times more than any other type of cancer.  Research into breast cancer is making the “pink ribbon” disease a declining market.  And, perhaps lung cancer is finally getting a research break with the emergence of targeted therapy and advances in immunotherapy for types of non-small cell lung cancer.  Investment capital necessary to start the profit engine sees a growth opportunity -- from us!

Let’s get down to business by creating 2 companies: call them Non Profit and For Profit.   Both have a revenue projection of $1,000.  Non Profit gets revenue from donations; For Profit from sales.  For Profit has a 20-percent profit expectation.  Non Profit has none.  Non Profit can spend all of its revenue — $1,000 — advocating for us.  For Profit can only spend $800.  Twenty percent of its revenue must be profit.  From the eye of the lung cancer patient and survivor, which company is more efficient and effective.  If dollars spent advocating and supporting are the measure, clearly Non Profit.

That is the business case, but there is a more important case at hand.  For profit companies are establishing a business that makes money from our malady, our pain, our side-effects, our recurrences, our suffering.  They are not selling drugs or providing treatment, they are advocating, for profit -- on us!  You might want do a little checking before establishing a relationship with a new guy on the block.  Rest assured, LUNGevity remains a Non Profit. Private message me for details.  Be careful out there!

Stay the course.


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