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  1. Thank you for the feedback. You are right I was not advised of this possibility before or after the surgery. I did attempt to get an educated answer to my question from my surgeon's office. My surgeon was out of town and her office told me to go to the closest emergency room. So I did just that and they did an xray and determined that I had some pressure on the heart from the air in the lung...then they did a ct scan and determined a small collapse as well. At this point they want to transfer me to the Hospital where the surgery was done but no beds available. After 18 hours on an er gurney, a 2 1/2 hour ride in an ambulance and 7 hours in the surgical er. They called in the thoracic surgery team and they will read the ct scan to determine the condition. After about 5 hours I am informed that they cracked the cd of the scan and they will have to read the written report but think that all that I am experiencing is normal lung repair. Two hours later they do an xray and determine that combined with the written report of the ct scan that it is all normal. Not loving the medical profession at this point.
  2. I had a right upper lobe lobectomy and now have an empty place where the lung was....the area seems to take in air when I laugh or breath deep and seems to burp or gurgle...is this normal?
  3. I have improved pain level and feel that I can now cruise into the surgery with a better attitude. Thank you for your support. Jun 9th at 5:30 am comes early when you are 2 hours from the hospital so I will stay in a nearby hotel the night before.
  4. Thank you for the good thoughts. I know it has been a while since I have updated but had sciatica start in my right leg to the screaming level the first of May and just had an epidural done this morning...sure hope it helps. All treatments are done and I have begun to taste and be able to swallow since last week. Surgery is Monday to remove the top lobe of the right lung and I hope all is well with that. I'm ready to be done....
  5. Not yet CindyA. My last chemo was Monday and today was my last radiation treatment.
  6. Back again to share my progress. I have completed 4 out of 5 weeks of treatment and have been amazingly well during this time. I have experienced the stomach issues of diarrhea and constipation on a weekly basis. I also have esophagitis which means everything is now liquid. That started in my 3rd week. No hair loss and some fatigue. I have been to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist and apparently during the surgery to remove the cancerous lymph nodes my left vocal cord was paralyzed and I now have a freaky voice. Celebrating Mother's day with my family on Sunday with Broccoli Cheese soup. Yes bless their hearts they are eating soup with me. They have been so wonderful to me during this process and I am so appreciative to them and all of my friends. One more week which includes one chemo and five radiation treatments. After that I will be resting and preparing for the lobectomy on June 9th. Happy Mother's Day to all.
  7. Thank you for the responses...I did check with the Doc and sure enough it is her belief its a reaction to the steroids and should work its way out.
  8. Thank you for all of the warm welcomes. I completed my first chemo and radiation yesterday and managed to complete my day as usual. Had a horrible night of sleep with some flushing on face and upper chest so may be having an allergic reaction. Radiation again today may answer that question.
  9. I am 68 year old grandmother and quit smoking 4 years ago. Now I have lung cancer in the lymph nodes and after weeks of poking and prodding we start tomorrow on our 5 week regimen. It will be radiation and chemo every Monday and radiation Tuesday through Friday of the 5 weeks. I am praying that I can be strong enough to beat this but also not embarrass myself to my friends and family.
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