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  1. Thanks Katie for your post. I do feel much better than I did. I am scheduled to start pulmonary rehab next week. I hope it helps. My only real pain from the surgery is my rotator cuff. Where it had been tied up so long for the surgery apparently something happened and caused a rotator cuff injury. I am going to physical therapy for that as well. All in all I am blessed to be alive. Thank you again for your reply. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. I did not have VATS, my surgeon said I was not a candidate for it. I had the regular thoracotomy. Thank you for your reply. I have found this site to be so helpful. I really felt so alone before I found it. I felt like no one understood how I felt. I still don't think anyone believes just how much this changes your life unless you have been through it. I will talk to the doctor about the antidepressants, I cry all the time. I just miss the old me and I feel bad for my sweet husband for having to see me like this. Thank you again, you will never know how much I appreciate your reply. It does give me hope.
  3. My lung cancer was found early by a CT scan done for a routine heart scan. Within 2 weeks I had surgery to remove the LLL. Five lymph nodes tested negative and I was classed as stage 1a with no Chemotherapy needed. My surgeon said I did not need to see an oncologist but he would schedule regular Pet scans to check 3 other nodules in my right lung that showed no sign of cancer with the first Pet scan. I am still scared, still having a lot of pain, and wonder if I will ever be the same active, fun loving person I used to be. The depression is devastating. I am 5 weeks post surgery and really thought I would be feeling much better than I do now. I am 58 years old but was very active and in perfect health before this. Thanks, I feel better just getting it out.
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