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  1. Hello, Snowflake, Thank you for sharing your story. If attitude means anything, I think your prognosis is pretty darned good! Stay strong & let us know how you're doing...
  2. went in for biopsy yesterday but the doctor decided it was too risky for CT-guided needle biopsy, too many large blood vessels in the way. plan now is to go back to thoracic surgeon to see if he can do a tissue sample.
  3. thank you all for your thoughful support. just had pulmonary function test today; bottom of report says reason for visit "malignant neoplasm of bronchus and lung". Guess the diagnosis is in already, even though the biopsy hasn't been done yet. I won't have pathology report until next week. Waiting is hard, feeling optomistic even harder.
  4. Cindy, I really appreciate this information and your point of view. I was diagnosed last year with a pre-cancerous, small BAC lesion (AIS) and had a wedge resection. One of the most difficult things for me at the time was that none of the tests (CT, PET, biopsy) were definitive in diagnosing cancer. It was all "gray area", the doctors thought it was probably cancer but couldn't confirm it. I didn't have an oncologist at the time; went from the pulmonologist to thoracic surgeon. The pathology report post-surgery finally confirmed BAC, so small it couldn't be staged. Now this year I am confronting all of this all over again, except that this time the doctor, an oncologist, can't say whether the mass shown on the CT/PET scans are a tumor or scarring from last years' surgery. He thinks it's a tumor and that this time I should have a lobe removed along with lymph nodes. What if the biopsy again is inconclusive? Is it wise to proceed anyway? My health has not fully recovered since last year and I am in no hurry to go through this again, but how long can I wait without risking a larger tumor that will be even more difficult to remove? I don't know what to do.
  5. got results from PET scan. Dr says it shows invasive tumor, possibly into lymph nodes this time, and larger than the area that was removed last year. He is recommending a biopsy followed by removal of upper lobe of my lung. I know I'm supposed to be grateful that surgery is an option, but honestly, I don't know how anyone finds the strength to put up a fight against this monster.
  6. Hi Angie, My story is somewhat similar to yours, diagnosed last spring with BAC, surgery in June, no chemo or radiation. Just had followup CT scan in March & oncologist didn't like the look of my "surgical area" so sent me for PET scan yesterday. Will get results this afternoon. I know it's hard to be patient finding out what's going on when we're dealing with cancer, but I think it's a good thing that your oncologist is not rushing into a diagnosis. If she were certain about what your scan indicated, surely she would have told you. Maybe you can work up a list of questions for your next appointment so that you will feel like she's giving you whatever information she has. Also, I hope you are bringing someone along with you to your appointments; for me, that support was critical. Try to be positive & let us know how you're doing!
  7. Hi, Pixie, I am new here, too. Had VAT surgery June2014, just had followup CT scan that shows what may (or may not) be a new tumor. I will have a PET scan next week. Like you, I am an "information junkie" and tried to find out as much as I possibly could after the diagnosis. The most important and helpful thing, though, was having my daughter with me for every appointment/test/procedure from start to finish. I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through it all without her support and love. Stay strong! Kay
  8. one year ago I had an early-screening CT scan, knowing that I was at high risk for cancer after losing 2 of my sisters to cancer the past two years. I didn't expect the scan to find any problems but there was a "cloudy, glassine area" that looks suspicous and in the end it was surgically removed with a VAT procedure. The surgeon and oncologist assured me that they got it all, it was gone and WOULD NEVER COME BACK! A week ago I had a six-month followup CT scan and, lo and behold, the very area where the tumor was removed last year seems to have grown a brand new tumor. Or, maybe it's just scar tissue. The oncologist has scheduled a PET scan to find out and now it seems like, no matter what it shows, I am never going to be free of the Cancer Monster.
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