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  1. Thank you all for the encouragement. I have a very supportive family and love ones and now I found this community. I am thankful. i was diagnosed in early July this year (2016), after experiencing severe back pain n numbness on the legs... And of cos the incessant cough which was disguised as bronchi- asthma attacks...haha! It was with every cough and sneeze, which gave me such unbearable pain on my back n legs that prompted me to see the doctor. I led an active lifestyle, I was running, doing gym routines and eating healthily everyday... I thought the back pain was due to my sports injury. I could not bear with the pain and thought I better get it sorted out before going back to work. I went to a pain relief doctor, and did an MRI, even the doctor thought its gotto be a slipped disc. Half way through, they found a huge mass on my lower spine, and that explained the numbness and pain on my legs...the doctor was shocked and told my love one and The doc referred me to the oncologist. I did the pet scan the next day, and quite immediately, I was diagnosed and was wheezed away to see the thoracic specialist. He said to waste no time as there's liquid compressing my heart and there are widespread nodules on both my lungs. He could not conclude the diagnosis then but things do not seem to look too optimistic then. I was admitted the next day to drain the liquid around the heart and did the biopsy. The result was clear. The cancer cells has spread to my bones, my lymph nodes and lungs... Actually I didn't find out where else.. Haha. Thankful for an efficient healthcare system here in Singapore, I was diagnosed and put on Iressa a week after surgery. I am EGFR positive. It's been almost two months since Iressa. My condition is better. In fact, I told my oncologist, I did not feel sick prior to diagnosis, except for the pain in the legs and back. And now, except for the side effects of rashes, pimples and dry skin all over, plus feeling tired easily, I do not feel sick. It's mainly grappling with my own emotions which can be pretty erratic. I think my love one has got the brunt of these episodes... I just went for my blood test today. The CEA markers has come down. From a > 3000 value two months ago, today, Iressa brought it down to 498. My oncologist says we are heading in the right direction. I am grateful yet, I am confused. Having read up on Iressa, somehow I still feel unsettled because I never knew when Iressa will stop working its magic on me. What affects me more is not the fear of probably not being able to see the milestones of my children... It's the current unknown and the lack of control of my life and future plans... Sorry for ranting but I'm feeling just a little unmotivated. And Tom, im glad you enjoyed Singapore! Sunny island set in the sea ?
  2. Hi there, I am a 41 yo diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC in July 2016. I found this site and thought its a good place to find support, connection and information. Thank you. regards Caroline
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