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  1. Thank you Bridget and Julie. I love your advise and support here. I didn't have neutrophil booster or low neutrophils from chemo and radiations that I did last year, as you indicated that I may not know. I will ask my oncologist to see if I can be tested. Will plan with my oncologist for the chemo regiment.The trip I planned for is visiting urban cities in China (also jet lagged)since months ago, and I love travel. I think I will be going this trip just to put everything behind me and enjoy my trip. "Living actively than waiting to die" makes lot more sense! By the way, bringing ma
  2. Hello Julie in SoCal, I am going to have 4 cycles of Carbo/Alimta, 1 in every 3wks. Would you give me insight as how you prep yourself to you getaway? How long after your last cycle for you to travel? I planned a getaway ( international) months ago and really want to do it but now with the treatment scheduled, one oncologist says I will be ok to go while another oncologist says it's risky for infection if I go 2-3 wks after the treatment . I will be doing 2 -3 cycles first, then travel, come back for last cycle, but not sure if I can handle it. Thank you for your help. Linda
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    Hi Mally, I just saw your post. I hope you can go by now. When I had last cycle of the Chemo, I turned down most of the meds (anti nausea...sorry I forgot the name of them, there are 4 different meds I was asked to take before and after chemo) they gave me as I know all of them would cause constipation. I ended vomiting and also constipated badly. I used fiber well, milk of magnesia, dulolax, stool softener with oatmeal and lot of water. All these helped. I hope these will help you too. Linda. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi Tom, thank you for your respond. I was being treated for breast cancer and found lung cancer while I had radiation treatment for breast cancer detected by CT scan in 2015, had Lobectomy for upper right lung in early 2016, followed by chemo and radiation. started Tamoxifen in April last yr. I was procrastinating for another CT scan with fears till September last yr, found lung cancer metastatic to lower back bone. Confirmed by bone biopsy in November last yr, my oncologist started Iressa on me, unfortunately I can't find much discussion regarding Iressa in here. (I learned this is a very
  5. Hi Mary, thank you for your support. Yes, I am glad I found Lungevity which I can get support, information and someone in similar situations that really understands what is going on with cancers to chat to. Thank you for the prayers. Love[emoji4]. Linda Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I just downloaded the Lungevity app today and was asked to also download Tapatalk which I did. I tried to login to Lungevity to read and reply, however, it doesn't recognize my sign on from here, although i use the same email address. I don't know if I'm able to navigate to find the forums as on my desktop. I'll try later. Thanks. Linda.
  7. HI Michelle, I was diagnosed with Left side Breast Cancer 2A in Oct 2015, during radiation treatments found something suspicious on my right lung (never drink or smoke), after PET/CT scan, it was confirmed Lung Cancer NSCLC stage 3, had lobectomy in March 2016, chemo and radiation at the same times in April and May. In Oct 2016 bone biopsy confirmed Lung Cancer metastatic to bone. Started Iressa on top of Tamoxifen in Nov. 2016. started Zometa in March this month, I didn't know about Xgevia, but it seems it's better outcome than Zometa when I did some web search. With the first Zometa
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