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  1. Thank you Teri, your words are Inspiring. Glad you are doing well.
  2. Hi...I am a caretaker to my husband recently diagnosed with stage 1a adenocarcinoma. My husband is obese and a VATS procedure was planned, but the surgeon was unable to perform the VATS and a larger incision was done. The cancer was 2.5 cm and the lower right lobe was removed with clean margins. Two lymph nodes removed and returned clear. Feeling very grateful, however, his recovery has been difficult. Breathing is very labored when walking from the living room to the bathroom. A week home, after a 10 day hospital stay, we received oxygen for home use. My husband had one kidney, due to removal of the other kidney due to renal carcinoma, three years ago. He is a diabetic, albeit controlled with medication. I feel like we have a long road, but am hopeful. Thank you for your support.
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