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    Hi Ron - I saw this and had to chime in. In June of this year I had pneumonia (not very bad, I was not terribly sick) and suddenly got very intense chest pains. At the hospital they did a CT with contrast and found that I had 4 small pulmonary embolisms. They also saw a 4x1 cm mass at the bottom of my left lung. I have a long smoking history (I'm 60 and smoked for most of 40 years). That, coupled with the pulmonary embolisms, made them think that mass was probably cancer. The ER doctor told me so. So, a pulmonologist came in to my hospital room and talked to me. There is a family history of clots. I had SOME pneumonia symptoms, though not many and not bad. He told me he would wait 6 weeks and do a PET scan then to see where things stood. I *sweated* those 6 weeks. I came here and posted for support. I had pretty much mobilized my family to get ready for the bad news. I made a will and trust. I had it BAD. Fast forward to my 7/27 PET scan. Nothing left of the mass - "resolved." No further action required. That's the watchword at this place. It's not cancer until a biopsy says it's cancer. I like coming here to read people's stories because everyone here is so helpful and positive. That said, I have NEVER successfully logged in with my prior password. Every single time my account gets locked and I have to choose a new password. So I don't post much. But be positive, don't lose hope if this CT scan shows the mass still there. They will do a biopsy if they can, or they will do a PET scan. So just try to think of something useful to do (like getting around to finally doing that will and trust) but try not to brood too much. It may just be what they call atelectasis, which I think means part of the lung has folded in on itself. Or it could be the bronchitis is really pneumonia. The CT scan results are not going to be the final word (unless it's gone).