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  1. Hi, Besides lasix, has any doctor come up with another treatment for the edema?
  2. Hi, I was the original poster. I have also gone through chemo, immunotherapy, 2 surgeries, and radiation. Trabecta has been working great for me in reducing the newest tumors! The only side effect I am still experiencing is swelling throughout my body. I've had to get shoes 2 sizes bigger than my normal size. But, like every side effect that I endure, I will endure this until this therapy stops working.
  3. Hi, I went on Trabecta in June and in my latest scan at the end of September, it showed my malignant tumors were shrinking! As we never expected that result, we are elated. That being said, in the last month, my feet and legs and now my hands are swelling as well as pain in my forearms and the top of my hands. The doctor has been going back and forth with diuretics but is very discouraging because I was told that if this can’t be controlled, they will have to lower the dosage of the Trabecta, the one thing that has worked! I am so disheartened. I have another call into the doctor tomorrow but as I have yet to meet anyone else who is on Trabecta was wondering if anyone out there has been on it and has the same effects.
  4. Was curious if anyone else also have it travel to adrenal gland next?
  5. Hi, My chemo cocktail has changed along with the immunotherapy drug Atezolizumab. Right after treatment I ended up with a fever and in the hospital where they found nothing so they believe is a side effect. Two weeks later, it’s happened again...up and down and up and down. They still can’t find an infection but have given me an antibiotic anyway. It’s very frustrating and I’m worried about the next treatment this week. Has anyone else received this and experienced these symptoms?
  6. Here's some funny ones I pinned.
  7. I have also been pinning funny quotes like the one at the top. However, my favorite thing in the world is shopping, so on Etsy, Ive been slowly ordering leather and metal bracelets to wear on appointment and treatment days with quotes of mantras that I was collecting... Believe Look forward to what can be Hope There is no light without dark Serenity Mend and Begin Again When You Must, You Can I am Strong and the Best is Yet to Come Happiness is a Choice No one is you and that is your superpower Be Brave Inhale...exhale May the Force be With You You are Stronger Than You Know Be a Warrior
  8. HI, I don't know your full treatment plan, but in my recent experience, part of my treatment will be surgery to remove a lobe or the whole lung. I was told that radiation could cause scarring which could delay surgery. I was also told that radiation may be used post surgery on the lymph nodes area. Just another two cents!
  9. Thank you so much for everyone's feedback! Even though everyone's experience is different, there is definitely a comfort from hearing from everyone. I had a port put it yesterday and am very achy today. Tomorrow is first chemo, so here we go!!!
  10. Hi, I start this combo soon and I see some references to this cocktail, but usually other questions after. I am curious about personal stories of side effects if you are in your 40's. When I read about the drugs, they list pretty much all possible side effects, but I guess I'm interested in personal stores.
  11. I am newly diagnosed and am not meeting with an oncologist until Tuesday. My tumors are in the upper left lobe and surrounding my pulmonary artery and lymph nodes. I"m not in terrible pain, but I have a constant ache on the front of my chest and some numbness to my arm. I also have shooting pains, periodically, across my left shoulder blade. Is all of this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?
  12. Hi, I'm a 48 year old that was just diagnosed with stage 3a non-small cell ... I was mis-diagnosed with pneumonia in June but knew something was still wrong with the tightness and tenderness in my left chest. I just received the final pathology report on Thursday. I have my first appointment with an oncologist on Tuesday, I have a needle biopsy on Wednesday, and a second oncologist appointment for a second opinion scheduled for Thursday. There are so many things to be frightened of course, but the one thing my husband and I don't talk about because I think it sounds defeatist already is my death. My mother, grandmother, grandfather, uncle and aunt all smoked...which is why I think I have this. I've never smoked. Their all dead. The most recent being my mother two years ago. It still feels so fresh. I am very scared of dying. I could write much more but I feel like I"m rambling...
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