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  1. pip1948

    Not sure it is cancer?????

    The first evidence of something in my lung was discovered on 7/20, picked up on an MRI that I had on my back. I was sent for a CT on 8/10 It wasn't until 8/21 that I saw a Pulmonary doctor and had a lung function test. I had a PET scan on 8/28, then saw the surgeon on 9/5, and surgery was scheduled for 10/26. So, from the very start of them seeing something there until surgery it will be 3 months. So 12 weeks all together. It didn't feel like things were going slowly or taking that long, until the wait between seeing the surgeon and surgery. Almost 7 weeks wait for surgery. Part of that is the robotic surgery, it is a wait because they only have one robot, I think? But, I was having all the tests so it felt like something was being done, but nothing is happening between seeing the surgeon and having surgery. But it is one week away now! I am anxious to get it over with now. But, I know what you mean. This Early Detection being the saving grace, doesn't mean much if the medical profession can't act timely. I don't know what is considered reasonable? I mean since they found this, I have seen 3 doctors, had 3 different tests, that needed to be done. So basically it has taken a month each! I am not terribly frightened about any of it. I don't want to be in a lot of pain, and from everything that people who have had this surgery have said, it doesn't sound too bad. I mean sounds like a couple of tough days, but one can do anything for awhile. My surgeon made it sound a lot worse than anyone here has made it sound. She told me it will be a minimum of 3 days and maybe as long as 7 in hospital, and people here talk about going home the next day after surgery. She told me that it will be painful and that they will not be able to put me completely out of pain. No one here talks like it was that painful at all? So, I guess it will be what it will be and I will find out for myself next week. But, what will be, will be. I am just trying to enjoy my life while I have it and not spend a lot of time thinking about losing it. It will go when it is time, and I will endure what comes in between. That is all as it should be. But, I am 70 years old too. I have already had a full and glorious life, more than anyone can ask for. Maybe you need to ask your doctors about how much time it is taking and let them know that it is concerning you.
  2. I have a very small pulmonary nodule in the upper right lobe of my lung. Very small, 8mm x 9mm x 12mm. It was discovered when I was having an MRI on my spine. The have done a CT scan, sized it and it has rough edges indicating possible malignancy. Then a PET scan, with a SUV of 3.2, also indicative of malignancy, no other suspicious areas lighting up in my entire body on the PET scan. Pulmonary specialist is thrilled and optimistic. He believes that it is cancer, mostly based on my smoking history and family history of cancer more so than the tests, and readily admits that. He believes that this is it, and if we get it out, I will be in the clear. Despite my years of smoking my lung function is normal. I am 70 years old. I have now seen a thoracic surgeon and they want to do a lung resection check to see if it is cancer, if it is, they will remove the lobe that it is in and two lymph nodes close to it. She is not so optimistic and says that until the cancer, if it is cancer, is staged and the lymph nodes are checked we don't know if they are clear. She does not have a lot of confidence in the PET Scan. She says because it didn't show doesn't mean it isn't there. Yet everything I read says, PET is 95% effective at showing cancer, and tends to have more false positives, than false negatives. I have three more tiny, tiny spots in my other lung. The pulmonary specialist is convinced that they are benign run of the mill nodules. They are too small at this point to evaluate at all. All the surgeon says is we don't know,they are too small and we can't know. This surgery is a major ordeal!! It is just so hard for me to believe that there aren't better diagnostics than surgery !!?? Neither of the doctors are recommending a biopsy. They feel that it is an unnecessary procedure. I think that they both believe it is cancer and this way, they can both check and treat surgically. They are afraid that the biopsy would be inconclusive and I would have no more information after it than I have now. I am not of the mind that I want to fight this at all costs! I don't want to spend the rest of my life, sick, and miserable, trying to prolong my life. I also am not interested in committing suicide either. I have a friend that had a similar situation and they removed a lobe and it has not reoccurred in 20 years. But, I don't know that these other nodules aren't cancer also, that just haven't grown large enough to really see or that it is isn't elsewhere, despite what the PET scan says? I have scheduled the surgery, however they can't do it for 7 weeks. One of my other options was to wait and see if it grows? They would check it in 3 months, well, by the time I have surgery it will have been 3 months since this was discovered! I am confused and frustrated that I don't have more and better diagnostic information, to determine if it is worth putting myself through this surgery? Any advice on all this would be appreciated.