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  1. I will ask doc to give me ALL the drugs. I understand it is the same drug as with a colonoscopy.
  2. I am having a broncosopy so they can biopsy I have a problem with signing in..says email already in use! Yes..by me
  3. I am having a broncosopy so they can biopsy
  4. Oh...cyber knife sounds easy but no lymph nodes are tested
  5. No chemo last time...just section of lung removed...there was some mention of cyber knife being a possibility. I will ask about biomarkers. Thanks for your advice How do I start new thread?
  6. Only place showing is right lung. Last one was left lung
  7. Neither ct scan or pet scan show a size.
  8. Yup...size of half of a grape!!!
  9. Oncologist went over with me via phone visit....
  10. Results are in...on to thoracic surgeon...scheduled for pulmonary function test...appt w/pulmonologist and lung capacity test first...
  11. They truly are an inspiration!
  12. You had a recurrence after the lobectomy?
  13. No results until next Tuesday....waiting is the hard part It was the adenocarcinoma in the left lung.
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