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  1. When they started to give me meds to put me asleep that’s the last I recall in surgery. My blood pressure dropped and I had a swollen upper lip and very sore throat from a quick intubation. But it has cleared up . I hope yours does as well. Good to know you are still recovering as well. I have more pain. I think it is probably nerve pain. If it persists or worsens I will go to out pts and get a chest exray. But overall I am doing really good. I found I have overall had much less pain than I expected. I think in time we will both heal totally and do great. So glad you doing good and getting out being active. Good for you.
  2. Wow cool. Well maybe not cool but good that you are here chatting. I had mine on the 28th . I am doing good and hope you are as well. I have some discomfort when I do anything but not unbearable. Are you short of breath.?. So glad you are here chatting. If we can do this so can others.
  3. Just an update. I am still doing good. My surgery sites and chest tube sites are healing good. It’s a little ltchy healing lol. I have some discomfort in chest back and shoulder but hoping that subsides as I do more. But all n all I am doing fine. I will start pushing more and doing more and getting ready to return to work.
  4. Thank you for the kind words. Loosing someone close and someone you see everyday is never easy. However as is often the case in life , the big picture shows a lot more detail and makes more sense. Dad has bilateral lung cancer of two different types that were not diagnosed until in their very late stages. He denied having pain. Just a nagging cough and congestion. He was to the garage with his pickup hours before. Had tea with his best friend of many years. And passed very quickly. The bigger picture could have been a lot worse, more painful, suffering, and lasted for an extended period of time. God was merciful and generous in taking him home. As for me God has given me absolutely minimal pain from surgery. I had surgery Thursday and came home Sunday. I had pain . I am not completely numb.lol. But I think is was very comparable to my biopsy. It snowed Saturday night here and again yesterday. So I have not filled my prescription for pain meds yet. I am doing fine. I have a slightly upset stomach now and some pinching pain on the opposite side of my chest. Doctor says it is nerve pain and usually in time goes away. Today I will change my dressing to the smaller bandages that peel and stick like a bandaid. I will be able to fully examine my surgery sites and check them. This has gone much better than anyone including doctors and nurses could have hoped for. I am greatful for all the kind words here. I am trying to think of information to write here that might help someone. I was able to drink water after surgery in small sips. Slightly short of breath only when I moved around or drank water. That was very quickly gone away. I ate the same night. Had a banana and it was soft and cold on the throat. Throat was and is very sore. I talk less to let it heal . I walked several times a day but stopped and completely rested when I was tired. I ate all my hospital food. I got up everyday and cleaned up and got dressed and ready to face the day. I rested after cleaning up. After resting I walked. I tried not to over eat any stuff me full type of meals. Smaller amounts over the day. The amount of hospital food was about right. Surgery was Thursday around noon. I had my first bowel movement Monday . I had been taking peg and stool softener in hospital so there was no strain. Some nerve pains in stomach after but better this morning. I was told on here to buy a wedge pillow for home. Very sound advice. I could not be laying flat. Not sure humans should ever sleep flat. That’s all I can think of to tell you right now. Hope this helps someone. Before surgery doctors told me very little. I search credible sites including this one for guidance. I thought I may be hooked to a respirator when I awoke. Who knows. But it was a much better experience. Maybe cause I expected the worse. But I am totally honest here. This is my experience and in as much real time as I could to be as accurate as I could. I did this. You can do this. You experience will not be exactly like anyone else’s experience. But info from many people here will make it much better by you being prepared. May God almighty bless everyone who is here helping others with their support. I got to vent, ask questions and get directions here. Thank you to everyone. Best of luck to all here sharing their information, support and love. May God help you during your trip through this.
  5. I am doing very well. I was prepared for the worse. I got the best. I should note my room mates are awesome and nurses are like old time friends. I had surgery on the 28 and got to my room on that evening. I stood next to my bed that night. Had catheter removed next day. Had chest tube removed yesterday. May go home today or tomorrow. No rush . Whatever doctor thinks. I have walked and done breathing exercises constantly. If I can do this so can any of you. On another note. Mom came to visit me day of surgery and stayed overnight. I visited before she went home the following day. It’s a three hour drive. Yesterday mom went to buy dad track pants for hospital as we thought he would be going here for testing on the 5th. When she returned home she found dad on the kitchen floor in blood. He had passed away. We thought we would loose him soon to cancer but not this soon or this way. It’s hard in here. I usually take care of things. I can’t this time. Everything will be more real when I get home. I am sorry for not posting more last night but it’s been a busy time. Anyone who is worried about surgery and needs to talk I am here and will answer your questions. I will go home today or tomorrow but honestly my biopsy was more painful. I have been cutting my pain meds back cause I don’t need them. I stopped dilaudid and took katorolac but stopped that at supper time last night. I took half dose at midnight with Tylenol to help me sleep but it didn’t work. I really am doing very well. I have great colour. Best in mths. Well that’s my post and I hope it encourages someone to fight forward and not be afraid to face tomorrow. I will get more tests etc in the future but for now I am healing and living nicely. Thanks to those that encourage us and reach out through their pain to help. I love you all. Thks
  6. Doing good. Surgery went well. Had some issues with my blood pressure dropping but I had already spoken to anesthesia about that so med was kept in operating room with me. In recovery same concerns about blood pressure. I was in recovery about an hour longer than expected. The pain was not as bad as I thought. It is a lot of pain but somewhat comparable to having my biopsy in lung. I am on Tylenol and delaudid. I choose the lowest amount and will increase amounts today as I get up to walk. Will post another update soon. All in all I am feeling positive and good with less pain than I expected. I had Lobectomy approximately 12 hrs ago.
  7. That’s great news. I had my pre-op today and it went well. Thursday I will have surgery. It should take around 4 hrs. So I will post as soon as I can. It is good to hear how others did.
  8. Thanks Lexi . I hope not longer than that wiether. How long before you were driving
  9. My plan it to post daily in real time. So ask questions about the surgery afterwards and see how time moves thing along . If I can do it then you can too.
  10. Yes . My preoperation visit is the 26 and surgery is 28 at 8 am . Ya hooo . About time . Get er out get er done.
  11. Just an update. Today finally I got a surgery date for removal of right middle lobe . I will keep you posted in real time. I will describe everything and you can ask anything.
  12. Just wanted to check in with you and see how everything is going. Hope all is well.
  13. Great news good for you. Very happy for you.
  14. Thanks Tom . It is never easy watching someone slip away at any age. But dad is 85 yo and been able to drive and get around so far. So there are more blessings here than hardship. And who knows he may be around awhile yet. Timing could be better with all us sick at the same time . But we work with what we are delt. Thanks for always being there and being honestly supportive. It is appreciated.
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