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    pleural effusion (fluid build-up) AGAIN...

    My mom was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer that has spread to her bones. She has completed her second chemo/keytruda treatment and will start a new treatment in a week because she should be getting approved to take Tagrisso (gene drug) soon too. They first found the cancer because they thought she had a pneumonia due to fluid in her lungs, then found the mass after realizing that the antibiotics were not helping. That was about 2 months ago in early December and a month later they diagnosed it as NSCLC. Since her second chemo treatment, which was 2 weeks ago, she has been rushed to the ER (first for dehydration and then for trouble breathing) and both times they had to drain the fluid in her lungs. She is in the ER tonight and they plan to put a tube in to help keep it draining even after she goes home and they are also giving her antibiotics just in case she does have a pneumonia. She has been very tired since chemo treatment started, sleeps almost all day, refuses to get up and walk around, and when she does walk around she insists on using a walker so she is not getting stronger. Her motivation and confidence is very low. I'm at a loss and I live far away. Has any experienced this fluid build-up issue over and over again? The doctor said it is not ideal...