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  1. Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with Stage 2B T3N0M0 NSLC in Dec 2018. I had a lobectomy in Dec and completed 4 rounds of Alimta/Cisplatin as adjuvant therapy in Apr 2019. I was just notified that I qualify for enrolling in a clinical trial where i'm randomized to receive Opdivo. I was all in for participating in a clinical trial before. But now (several weeks after chemo), I've been slowly putting cancer out of my mind and being optimistic about my future scans (first 3 month scan is scheduled at the end of July). I am feeling good and most of the side effects of chemo has resolved, other than ringing in the ears. I looked up the side effects of Opdivo and it is scary. The stats are 30-50% of Stage 2 NSLC's come back after surgery. And the oncologist told me that doing chemo and immuno will decrease the risk by 10% each. So mathematically, it makes sense for me to go forward with enrolling in the trial. Albeit, theres 50/50 chance that i'll actually get the drug. I need some moral support and words of encouragement to proceed. I'd love to hear from anyone else who has positive results with Opdivo and anyone with Stage 2 or 3 that participated in the study. Thank you in advance, Vanitha
  2. The amount of testing necessary to get the right diagnosis is dizzying. I had a chest xray, chest CT scan, CT guided needle biopsy, whole body PET scan and a brain MRI within 4 wks. My oncologist said that lung cancer spreads to the liver and brain easily, so that's why they need the PET scan (to look at the rest of the body & liver) and the brain MRI. I had additional tests to be declared "fit for surgery" in addition to those mentioned above also in the 4 weeks. So like LexieCat said, it sounds like they are being thorough.
  3. So sorry to hear about everything.. wow, your mom sounds like an incredible person to have gone thru so much and you seem like such a great daughter. I send you hugs and love.
  4. Dear moonbeam, donna, tom, steff, lexicat and bridgett, thanks much for your replies! You guys are an amazing group! Thank you for sharing the longterm survivor stories! I'm really encouraged by the stories. I feel like I will beat this for sure but the stats tell a different story, and I don't want to be out of touch with reality and then I get scared... but staying positive and planning is ok and good is what I'm hearing from you and that sounds good to me. I love the idea of getting trip insurance, that will keep my internal negative nelly (realist) notions satisfied. I really like the idea of planning for the life that I want to live and then changing plans as necessary. I'm 45 and my son and daughter are 16 and 14. My cancer diagnosis came on Dec 3 after a needle biopsy. I had the lobectomy on Dec 11 as part of an exploratory surgery to see if a lymph node was cancerous. I got the staging information of Stage 2B T3N0M0 on Dec 19 and started chemo Jan 18. I'm feeling much more secure now than I have felt in weeks. Thank you for sharing your stories, I am in the same boat as your husband in terms of timing and staging, moonbeam! thank you for connecting, i feel so much better knowing others are going thru this too. My experience of chemo so far is that the fatigue kicked in right away, I couldn't keep my eyes open for longer than a few mins during the infusion. The nausea/fatigue got really bad on days 3-5 and it took almost 10 days to get to a point where I am out of bed for a normal amount of time. My doctor said that fatigue is from the meds for the side-effects and that she'll adjust the meds for the next cycle. I'm really aching to go to a beach. Somehow thats what I've wanted to do since this whole thing began. I need to go to the oceanside to get internal peace and be ok with God/Universe for what I'm going thru. I'm going to go ahead and make plans to go see the ocean once I'm finished with chemo. I can go to FL where it will be warm in Apr. I'm returning the love, support and wishes to each of you. I'll tell my husband and kids about all the great things you have shared. XXX
  5. Hi, I was recently diagnosed with Stage 2B Adenocarcinoma. As a non-smoker and thinking that I lead a fairly risk free lifestyle, the last couple months have been shocking and terrifying. I was fortunate to have a suspicious xray to get diagnosed early. I had been complaining of inflammation and pain throughout my body for a couple of years. I've had a left upper lobectomy and recovered well from the surgery. I'm currently on chemo (Alimta/Cisplatin) for 4 cycles. The first infusion was rough for about 10 days. I'm now trying to mentally prepare for the second round. I have 2 teenagers who are my pride and joy. I have a wonderfully supportive family with everyone equally stunned at the diagnosis and pitching into help. I am really fearful of planning more than a few months out.
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