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  1. Hi Lauren Thanks for asking. Recovery is going well apart from he didn’t do as he was told and caught a cold and cough off the kids. I guess mental health is as important and he didn’t want to stay home. It’s made him a little breathless but he has some antibiotics which are helping. he had his follow up and no more cancer and no further treatment needed so that’s really positive and great news for him. im hoping things will just get better and better but for 81 he is doing amazingly
  2. Thanks Lexie. He has struggled with walking purely down to his age and knees etc, but hes been doing really well. I didnt realise that about lung cancer, hopefully it doesnt come back as at his age I am not sure what they would do. the consultant already said if he lived up north (we are UK) he wouldnt of got the surgery. X rays have been good today so they are making a decision at the team meeting tomorrow. 2 years is amazing! I bet you are so pleased.
  3. Thanks everyone - what a lovely caring bunch you are ❤️ The consultant has always said he would need no further treatment after his scans and biopsy (not sure how they knew that) so that’s amazing news. We just saw his registrar on a walk round the ward and she gave us the news but not a full report (his consultant is away the weekend) his original letter said adenocarcinmo. before we left they said another x Ray today and then if all is well the drain is out. They are nervous to make a decision on sending home and I think they want the consultant too (although Friday she said I won’t see you now until outpatient so she must of thought he would be home) i can imagine the cabin fever is hard. Can you get outside for a walk yet? They told my dad to so he can build lung capacity
  4. Ahh thanks Curt. I’m here now and he’s had the drain clamped today and his lung looks good on the X-ray. Drains out tomorrow and hopefully home following that. Also had pathology report and got all the tumour and none in his nodes. He does still seem a little swollen. how are you doing?
  5. Thanks everyone and I completely agree. The surgeon did say 2 months which seems like quite a long time. Her registrar said a couple of weeks and to have some cleaner and sanitise well just like you mentioned. I am a bit ocd with that and have hospital grade cleaner for when the kids are ill. They live on their own but I was also wondering about my mum caring for the kids and being a carer in the community too. Sorry to hear you were poorly Tom we defintely don’t want that happening to him. Hope your ok now. thanks for the advice - he can stay at home and just chat to the kids on the iPad and mum will have to be careful when she comes here to look after them. Hopefully now we are going into spring there will be less going about. my Mum said the worse germs are in hospital ha ha
  6. Hi all as my may of seen my dad has just had a vats lobectomy and currently having surgical emphysema. Things look to be improving but the consultant today so no mixing with people once home especially not little people. The issue here is my parents look after my kids while I work. I’ve not been able to find any local childcare but my mum said she will be able to come and do it still. We definitely can’t risk him catching infection (my kids are 2 and 5) so he would stay home (which I know is going to be awful for him as they are the one thing that keep him going) she said a couple of months. What are people’s experiences? Also how does it work in the sense that she said no trains or pubs etc yet we are going on trains being with kids etc and then seeing him. How did people manage post op and for how long? Thanks so much
  7. Thank you, it’s defintely going the right way for him
  8. Thank you everyone. He has had another drain put in which appears to be slowly working. He’s in pain from this second drain though. The consultant said it has to be done slowly so am hopefully in a few days he can come home. Thanks for your well wishes and support
  9. Thanks for the reply. It got worse and his eye was swollen his chest and face. They have put another drain in and is slowly going (the consultant said it needs to be done slowly too) im hopefull in a few days he can come home
  10. Thanks so much. It seems to be getting worse as it is now going to his eye. I’m hoping it does resolve on its own as we are now a week post surgery
  11. Hi all i posted the other day about my dad’s air leak post vats lobectomy. He is now 5 days post op and whilst his levels have gone down he has been diagnosed with surgical emphysema. He’s been quite swollen and has an x Ray which shows air in the tissue. I though things were going the right way but mum says they have mentioned surgery. does anyone have experience of this? I can’t help but worry
  12. Thank you all so much for the replies. He’s still in hospital due to this leak (5 days post op now) and they have said he has surgical emphysema:( he’s swollen and still has the drain in with digital pump on. His levels did drop a little but are not getting better and x Ray shows air in The tissue. They did say be patient as it can take time but Mum has now mentioned more possible surgery. I can’t help but worry after reading all the complications. If it wasn’t for this I am sure he would be home
  13. My dad’s levels have gone down a bit so heading the right direction. He’s a day ahead of you and older so I bet yours will be out before you know it
  14. Thanks so much curt - I hope your recovery goes smoothly and your home soon. The leak seems to be what’s preventing my dad going home too. They also said it’s very common so don’t seem worried at the moment. Will the air pocket go on its own or do you have a drain like my dad? wishing you a speeey recovery
  15. Thanks Tom. He is recovering so well at the moment apart from this air leak. He won’t be home until after the weekend due to this leak (which means at least a 7 day stay) hes actually sat up out of bed most of the time but I’ve already ordered a medical frame that has different angles to sit against and he can use cushions for comfort thanks for the tip. im praying this leak goes and then he can get well on the road to recovery
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