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  1. My name is Harold, I stumbled upon the link for the group in my mothers email. Not sure how active she was on here; but just wanted to let you all know she passed away last month. Thank you all for for your support. Harold E.
  2. Hi everyone, I have an update (not good news for me) the headache that started when I had the PET scan (1st of all I still have the headache) and I was sent for an MRI to determine the cause. I have a tumor about the size of a golfball just about in the center. So a lot is going to be going on, I will update as I can. Thanks for your support. Marie
  3. Good morning Curt, I am actually across the river from Ottawa. (So Montreal is about 3 maybe 4 hrs from me traffic depending). My husband and I have decided regardless of what our secondary insurance decides, I am going to head down to NC and seek medical attention there. Our daughter who works at Duke Hosp. is going to talk to the oncology team there and see if I need to bring my scans with or if they will just contact the hospital here and get them directly. I have never seen such incompetancy in my life. I know doctors here don't get paid much, but this man is supposed to be a specialist (which means he is at liberty to charge a more substantial fee to the gov't for his services. Whereas the family practitioners are on a set fee schedule. Which is why so many of them have left to practice in the states and other countries. (So much for that Hippocratic oath huh?!) My search for a different specialist would be easier too if I actually had a family doctor, but the waiting list is long and while other provinces assign a family doctor to military families as soon as they get their health card for the province, Quebec has their own ideas and I am 2 yrs into a 5 yr wait. I will be heading down to NC this weekend. And my eldest son is driving up from Florida to come and help me once I start treatment. My daughter would but she has my grandchildren to take care of and works full time. I will update again once I get settled and things get taken care of. Thanks again everyone, Marie
  4. Thanks Michelle & Lou, I honestly could NOT believe what I was hearing yesterday! I just bit my tongue because I was about to lose my temper in a manner that would've most likely ended with me being carted off in handcuffs (I exaggerate) actually my husband was with me and he pinched my arm to keep my mouth shut. But on the way home he agreed it is time to seek a different doctor. I have put in a call to my supplemental insurance through DND and am waiting for them to get back to me with some sort of a decision. As soon as I get some sort of response I will update on this subject. Meanwhile, my work continues to try to get a way to get referred to another pulmonologist (no easy task being I have no family doctor) . Thanks folks! Marie
  5. UPDATE: Well, after yesterdays appointment it has become painfully obvious to me that I NEED to find a different doctor. Got the results of my PET scan, My doctors exact words " Well, it's cancerous mass, but it's not big enough to have any concern about at this time; we'll have you rescan in 4 months and see if it has grown any further or spread. At which time we will begin treatment". Are you kidding me?? Is my life not worth saving in his eyes? Or does this guy just not understand that I could live much longer if we start treatment in the early stages?? I mean, (even though it was by accident it was discovered) it was still discovered when it was only 1.5 cm mass, now its doubled and VERY treatable!. I am beyond furious right now. I will also be weighing my options and contacting my insurance here and see how I can go back home to get treatment in the US. Trust me, while socialized medicine seems to be a "good thing"to most people, it is NOT. Most doctors are a joke here and just want to prescribe you pills and send you on your way. There are only a handful that actually care about their patients and it seems only that care comes if you are well off financially. Being my husband is military and we've just been posted here to Quebec, I am on a 4.5 yr waiting list just for a family doctor. I apologize for my rant, I am just beside myself at this point! Marie
  6. Thanks Lou, I would seek treatment at Duke (my daughter works there at the Big Duke)I am closer to Fayetteville area; however, my provincial healthcare and my supplemental coverage through my husbands military coverage prohibits me from doing so. Which is why I am subjected to dealing with the Canadian medical system. (which trust me leaves much to be desired, especially now that my husband has been posted to Quebec) So far they are the worst. On top of long wait times, they feel if you aren't from here they don't have time for you. (I have been on a waiting list for almost 3 yrs now just for a family doctor). But I digress. At least by me losing my temper and making it clear to the walk-in clinic doctor what I clearly thought of their system, I was able to get to a doctor that seems to actually take his Hippocratic oath serious. Being I do have other physical conditions, I have applied for SSD. And am hoping I can get this through and I can return home to seek medical treatment there. (So far I am on my 1st reconsideration, their reason for denial the first time was I wasn't seeking medical attention in the US and didn't have any US healthcare coverage, which was confusing to say the least). I am hoping my doctor will be able to set a clear plan for treatment Monday should this be necessary. Thanks again, Marie
  7. Thanks Curt, I agree some size discrepancies are normal, but the first CT I had in NC was showing the lesion to be 1.5 CM and when they scanned me in Quebec in February (only 1 month later) it had grown to 3.25 CM. Which is why when the Doc I was assigned to see that day pretty much said the folks in NC basically didn't know how to use the metric system correctly and they were wanting me to wait 3-6 months then scan again. I kinda lost my temper. (usually in Canada it takes a long time before being able to get an appointment with a specialist) I received a phone call the next day. Isabelle, Thank you, I have never heard of this EBUS, when I got to see the pulmonologist Monday I will certainly ask if this is available up here and ask that he do this. Being I am reading that most folks have never been rescanned within an hour of the first scan (or ever for that matter) I am going to be skeptical of what they tell me the results are now. Tom, Thank you as well. Yes I have looked at the links Steff provided (I was unable to find anything about possible headaches after the scan) which leads me to believe possibly the scan may have just exacerbated my Chiari. The tech was spending a lot of time scanning my upper lymph nodes and around the thyroid area (due to the recent swelling in my neck region). As I stated in my reply to Curt, the rapid growth of this "lesion" is what really has me scared. Having something doubling in size pretty much in that short of time surely cannot be a good sign. Thanks everyone, for your input. Being those of you who have had PET scan and only seemed to acquire a stress headache this is telling me to make sure my Doc actually look into this and not just brush me off or want to prescribe pills and send me on my way. I will update once I know more. Again; thank you all!
  8. My name is Marie, and I am going through a very slow process to determine if the mass found in my lung is or isn't cancerous. It is very frustrating and scary. I have lost 3 siblings to cancer, 1 of which was lung cancer. My problem is I was at my home in NC spending time with the grandchildren, and ended up in the ER in January for what I thought was a heart attack, they did a CT scan and said they found a lesion in my right upper lobe and to have my family doc follow thru with it. Now, my insurance is based in Canada (my husband is RCAF and they're allowed to remain in military until age 60) but the doctors there, refused to accept the CT scan from the US and scheduled me for another one a month later. This scan showed a slight increase in size and they brushed it off as the people in the US don't know how to measure in CM's. Needless to say the doctor I went to insulted me with her attitude towards the US and lack of concern despite me telling her of familial history. I lashed out and she promptly referred me to a pulmonologist / oncologist here in Quebec. He sent me for a PET scan, which I had done 2 weeks ago tomorrow. And the girl running the scan said the Dr who reads the reports wanted me to rescan after an hour to see if the areas that lit up in the scan dissipated from the radioactive material. One of those area's being my right lung. My first question is, is this common to rescan an hour after the first one? And my second question may seem a bit strange, but has anyone encountered a headache that won't be relieved with medication after the scan? I've had a headache for 2 weeks now with little to no relief from Tylenol, Motrin or even Tylenol 3 which they gave me when I went into emergency room last weekend. I have reached out to the doc who ordered the scan and I am to see him Monday (3rd June) and hopefully get some answers. My 2nd question is, being I have siblings who have died from cancer (1 of which was lung cancer) how much do medical professionals feel this affects the likelihood of my scans coming back positive? I have so many more questions, but now that I sit at the computer I cannot remember them. I can tell you I am a very scared individual with minimal support which is why I am reaching out to this group. My husband (God love him) he is a wonderful man, but due to the way he was raised he feels if he blocks it out it won't be real. And while his hugs are a little tighter right now, he can't bring himself to have a conversation with me about what I am going through. And our children (both adults in their 30's) we haven't told them yet as we want to know for sure what it is or isn't before we worry them. Thank you all in advance. Marie E.
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