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    "young" cancer survivors, EGFR, Tagrisso side effects, young kids

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  1. You might feel better after a while. I have been on Tagrisso since June 2019 and the side effects sort of come and go. I did not experience weight loss. Try some Imodium before you eat. Good Luck.
  2. Hi Curry, Let me reiterate my welcome and the fact that it stinks that you have to be here. I am "young", 50 and have young kids, not working is not an option for me. I have great health care and working is the way I keep it. I am lucky enough to feel good and want to work. I dont want to sit around and think about cancer. If I was independently wealthy, maybe I would travel and volunteer, but that is not the case. I agree with whomever wrote that if you are considering moving, think about moving to a place with good health care. I think that Johns Hopkins Medicine does have a campus someplace in Florida, but I am not sure where. MD Anderson is in Texas and excellent! I know your head must be swimming, but pause, get a bio maker test, see the results and what that means for treatment and then make other decisions. We are here for you. Deirdre
  3. HI Everyone, My name is Deirdre. I was diagnosed with Non Small Cell, Stage 4, EGFR in May of 2019. I am doing well on Tagrisso. I have mets to the spine and breast. I am "you". I am 50 and was diagnosed when I was 49. I have a 10 and 12 year old, boy and girl respectively. I feel incredibly lucky to work at Johns Hopkins and be from Boston. I have great care. I had a biomarker test right away and was put on Tagrisso immediately. It is working for me. I do have a question about tagrisso side effects. Lately I am experiencing some real fatigue--having a hard time getting up in the morning, sometimes taking naps during the work day, etc. I am also experiencing incredibly itchy skin. Deirdre
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