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  1. Thanks BridgetO. I will just take the time I need and hopefully will start to feel better soon. I now know that it is a slow process!
  2. Hi Janice, I’m new to the forum and just saw your post. I am about 7 weeks post op. I had a very small nodule in my left lung, had 3/4 of my lobe removed. All lymph nodes that were removed were clean. No further treatment is needed. It was non small cell stage 1a adenocarcinoma and thank God the prognosis looks good. It sounds like you found your nodule early and you should be ok! I’m slowly recovering and getting better each day! Please remain positive! By the way, never smoked!
  3. Curt, thanks very much for responding because I really needed to hear from someone that went through this. Since I look the same, some people can’t believe that I still have pain and am not fully recovered. I almost feel embarrassed or weird based on these reactions. I want to be 100% better but I’m still not there and I was getting concerned that it’s taking a longer time than I expected. It’s good to hear from others that it can take several months. Glad I found this forum! 😀
  4. Hi I’m a newbie. In July a very small tumor was found in my lung (found by accident) since I had no symptoms. I’m actually a 21 year Lymphoma patient and have a routine CT scan to make sure everything was ok. Well thank God I had the scan because they found lung cancer, stage 1a adenocarcinoma. By the way, never smoked a cigarette in my life! Anyway after doing the needle biopsy, I had 3/4 of my left lobe removed on August 29. They also removed about 5 lymph nodes, which were thankfully all clean! My prognosis is good, no further treatment needed, only CT scans every 6 months. It’s been about 7 weeks since surgery and I still am not back to myself! I still have some chest pain and do get a little winded. I feel like I should be all better by now, but the recuperation is taking longer than I anticipated. I guess I need to be patient!
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