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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind words of encouragement! You're right, Michelle, i can't force my sister to eat like I would (total whole food) in this case, but she IS trying to eat better. I can't seem to convince her white bread is not a good thing. Her local doc is not helpful here. I've given suggestions, but ultimately, it's her call. I'll look at the Multi-Nutrients and maybe order some for her, THANKS Tomm. It may carry more weight for her since it was formulated by a Cancer Center... I appreciate all your thoughts so much. I know you know the journey ahead won't be easy, but we will get thru w/ God's help. c.Jean
  2. Hi there, I'm on the journey as a co-survivor with my sister who has been diagnosed with metastacized Ovarian Cancer (now in her lungs) via CT scan on 2/4/20. She's undergone 28 rounds of Radiation for the first cancer. Her local doc told her the cough/lung problem was a fungal infection and sent her to a pulmonary specialist (an hour away) the next day who gave her the "C" news. She was devastated, and alone. Her biopsy won't be 'till 2/19 (due to no open OR's at hospital) which seems like an eternity (one week) away right now. We all want to get the pathology and get on with treatment for her. I'm finding such inspiring messages here and value the wisdom those who went before us can offer. Thanks!
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