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  1. Hello all, My husband is trying hard to recover from a right pneumonectomy (June 1st) but its been tough. Our toughest battle right now is getting him to eat. He has no appetite. I have tried to do what the doctor told...small snacks or meals 6 times a day. They said loss of appetite is normal and the only way to get it back is for him to force himself to eat. But he's not a very good at following drs orders Lately when he eats something he says it makes his stomach hurt and then he vomits it back up and then doesn't want to try to eat again. Its becoming a vicious circle. I've
  2. TMC


    Thanks everyone!
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    My husband starts chemo on Monday March 30th - Cisplatin + Etoposide first day, then just Etoposide next 4 days, then Cisplatin + Etoposide the following monday. At first they told us I needed to bring him on Monday and stay with him during since this is going to be his first round and it is going to last about 6-7 hours. And he was glad because he's very very nervous about chemo and wanted me there for support. But last night they called and said due to the coronavirus he has to go alone. He is so disappointed and even more nervous now. I was just wondering, does anyone here go do al
  4. Tom, thank you for the info you have shared. I don't think this has truly sunk in for either of us yet. But I am sure it won't be long before it does! Tomorrow is the PET and I'm am anxious for that ...praying it hasn't spread! Thank you again, t
  5. Yes, we are being treated at Baylor downtown also! We are really happy with the care we got there. Thank you for the advice about recording, I'll be sure to ask if I can do that next time. My husband had a lot of coughing after the bronchoscope or however you spell it so he just went to bed when we got home. But hopefully tomorrow he will feel better. He has been in GREAT health with no symptoms other than the cough up to now. So far we have been happy with the team our regular internist has referred us to. Our Pulm. doctor seems to be top notch and said he has 4 thorisic surgeons (my spel
  6. Ok, just got home from Baylor and the doctor let us know it is Non small cell lung cancer. At this point he needs the PET scan and brain MRI before the doctor can finish staging it. Our doctor said the best start is surgery to remove the lung but because of where it is and size he is not positive we can do surgery. But he said that is the goal. He's going to talk to his thoracic surgeon and then possibly do another biopsy to get a clearer picture..I forget why but he was having difficulty seeing the whole lung and such...because of where it was or something? I am sure I'll be better prepa
  7. Well today is the day! We have our biopsy at Baylor Hospital this afternoon. I'm very nervous but staying hopeful. We were supposed to have our PET scan yesterday but the darn machine broke down so we are now scheduled for Monday. I'm so ready for a game plan but from reading this forum I understand its going to take a little time. My husband is staying very positive and just wants to get back to his normal life Wish us luck! T
  8. Than you soooo much Tom. I read your response to my husband and you lifted both of our spirits and reinforced our hope! We are ready to get this fight on and win!
  9. Hi there, My husband has had a cough for over a year that I kept nagging him about because after 31 years of marriage I knew it wasn't a normal cough for him. Finally got him to go to our internist last week and ask for a chest xray ..our doctor agreed though he didn't think anything was wrong because my husband has been very healthy though he was smoker for 30 years and quit 20 years ago. The next day the doc called and said they saw a large mass in his upper right lobe of his lung. They got him a CT Scan on Friday Feb 14th and confirmed a 6.9 x 5 cm mass. Scheduled us with the Pulmo
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