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  1. At the moment, I have just one question about terminology regarding chemo treatment. I posted it in the chemo section. If you have anything to add, please do it there. Thanks
  2. OK, good information. So she had 3 cycles or courses in Jan-Feb and just had the first of 4 more today. The first three were one step in a treatment plan. Is there an accepted term for those 3 courses? I have been using the term "round", but my wife thinks a round is each infusion. I didn't think to ask the oncologist today and now it's the weekend, so I can't ask until Monday. But I want to send out a status update to family members and we are stuck on the terminology. I'd appreciate any help. What's the correct term for several cycles or courses that are ordered as a single step in the treatment plan? Thanks
  3. After a little more research, I see that the terms "cycle" and "course" are used, but I am still not clear on what each term means. One website seemed to indicate that each "treatment" (infusion) is a "cycle: and a series of cycles is a "course". This seems odd to me. Another website seemed to indicate that each infusion was a "treatment", a series of treatment is a "cycle", and a series of cycles is a "course". My wife had 3 infusions at 3-week intervals using two chemicals (Cisplaten + Alimpta) followed by a PET scan. Based on the results, she just started the first of 4 more infusions at 3-week intervals using just the Alimpta. That will be followed by another PET scan and then a decision will be made as to what to do next. Can someone clarify the terminology? Thanks. -wt
  4. My wife has lung cancer. We are having an argument about what is a "treatment" vs a "round" vs something else. She started treatment back in February. The plan was three infusions of chemotherapy each 3 weeks apart. I thought those three treatments or infusions were called a "round". She thinks each infusion is a round. Who is right? She just started the first of 4 more infusions, again each 3 weeks apart. Was what she had today the first treatment or infusion of her second round of chemo or the 4th round. And if the latter, what is the group of infusions called? Thanks, -wt
  5. Hi, My wife was recently diagnosed with stage 3c lung cancer. I think we are getting good treatment, but I have a few questions. I'll post them in the appropriate sections. Thanks, -wt
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