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  1. I am wanting to hear from people what if any cancer fighting diet plan they have followed? What supplements do you take? I am looking at adding a few things to my cancer fight above and beyond chemo and immunotherapy. I have read many articles about cancer preventing foods, foods not to eat and many different diet plans. I have not been eating as healthy as I should and pre-cancer I participated in Weight Watchers a couple of times which was successful. I tried the KETO diet but it was difficult for me to stay compliant. I would like to begin a diet that has some science behind it and shown to help fight cancer. I do take daily a chinese Herb- Qing Hao as a tea. I appreciate hearing from everyone! Thanks! Lisa
  2. It often is a small world. We love spending time at our lake home. It is very nice to hear from someone that has a similar journey!
  3. Hello Everyone! I have been joining the Friday Zoom gatherings and have really found comfort and the support I am needing. I had seen this Forum page and then heard a bit mentioned during the gatherings and decided I needed to join. I live in Iowa just southeast of Des Moines with my Husband. We have 2- children, both boys. One is out of the house, married and has a beautiful daughter with a baby on the way. Our youngest graduating high school this year and has enlisted in the Army and will leave on July 14th for basic training. We also have lake home in Missouri on the Lake of the Ozarks that we enjoy. My cancer journey so far: I was diagnosed on December 26th just last year(2019). I have stage IV adenocarcinoma - no genetic markers; I am not sure if you call that negative or normal or something else? I have a spot in my upper left lobe, then 2 spots in the left lower lobe area in the pleural lining and then my medial sternal lymph nodes are involved. I started Chemotherapy on February 3rd with Carboplatin, Alimta and Keytruda. After my 4th round I had scans which showed only 1/2 cm shrinkage to the tumor in my left upper lobe and no change to my other sites. Rounds 5-7 have been with just Alimta and Keytruda. I am scheduled for a PET scan on the 24th and will get the results on the 26th. If there is good change the plan is to continue on Alimata and Keytruda if there is no change or not enough change then my Physician is talking about trying a different chemotherapy drug. I will go on Monday the 29th for my next round of chemo- whatever combination that might be.
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