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  1. I just had my second Imfinzi infusion today. I had a month break after my last chemo before starting Imfinzi, which was very helpful to get my body back to feeling "normal". On the first infusion I had some nausea that night and the next morning but nothing horrible. Was tired the first and 2nd day but after that energy levels came back. My biggest issue was swelling in the feet, they did check for a dvt but it was ok. Did order compression socks and began using 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water or juice each night. It took about a week for the swelling to subside. I have continued the ACV every night and tonight after the infusion no swelling so far. Go into it with an open mind. I am finding compared to the radiation and chemo this so far is manageable. Best of luck to you.
  2. Hi and welcome Lil. I know it is very difficult to process all the information when you first hear the news. Please remember there is hope out there and lots of new drugs and trials going on all the time. For me I completed my radiation and chemo, had a CT scan and a second endoscopic biopsy and unfortunately because the lymph node in front of the esophagus is still positive, surgery was removed from the option list. I went back and had 3 more weeks of radiation and now on a well needed month break before beginning immunotherapy with Imfinzi for 12 months every 2 weeks. Find an oncologist that you like and trust and can talk to, ask all the questions you need to, make sure you are comfortable and understand why they are doing what they are. This is a long and tiring journey, stay positive and always fight.
  3. Thank you to those who have welcomed me, nice to have experienced people to ask questions.
  4. New to the group. I have stage 3A non small cell. I have no symptoms and it was found during a cat scan of my carotid arteries. Since then I have had a PET scan, pulmonary function test, endoscopic biopsy, and a brain MRI. There are 3 lymph nodes that are positive, all in the lung. The tumor is a 2.1 cm nodule in the bottom lobe of the left lung. I will begin 28 sessions of radiation, Monday-Friday and 4 rounds of chemo beginning next Thursday at 21 day intervals. Hopefully if this is successful the plan is to do another cat scan, and biopsy and then surgery. I am going into this feeling positive as I feel lucky this was found when it was. Any advise or suggestions from those more experienced is welcome. Sorry I neglected to say it is Adenocarcinoma. The two chemo drugs are Carboplatin and Alimta. My only warning from radiation is to expect pain and discomfort to the esophagus due to the location of two of the lymph nodes.
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