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    Lung cancer patient/survivor
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    I am a 48 yo mother of 5 boys age 8,15,20,21 and 25. I just married my wonderful husband 6 months ago after being together for two years. We have two female boxer dogs. I enjoy cooking and baking, crafts and sewing, painting and learning to play piano.

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  1. My doctor called me last wednesday to tell me I have lung cancer. She said it is 1cm on my right side. She said I need to go see another doctor to talk about my options. I will need a biopsy. There is surgery. There is chemo. There is radiation. I may not need them right away but they will be able to tell me more when I hear from them within two weeks to go for an appt. I cried. I cried hard and alot. I had to tell my new husband. I had to tell my kids. My step kids are younger so he chose not to tell them at this time. Every day I feel different about life now. Some days I got this. Some days I dont want to deal with it anymore. Its only been a week and its already controlling my life. What can/do I do now? What is going to happen now?
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