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  1. Update on my dad: he had a partial lung collapse. A chest tube was put in but it’s still draining more than they would like (and his BP is still a little low). His blood work suggests he has an infection so now they need to find out where/what kind. Oncology stopped by his room a bit ago and said that with all he has going on he won’t be put back on Keytruda. They believe chemo is necessary to address the fluid, etc. Of course chemo has to wait until the infection is cleared and he’s back at home and feeling better. Has this been the case for anyone else? I mean starting on immunotherapy but having to stop and go to chemo instead? And receiving chemo after being ill? Thank you!
  2. My dad went in for his 2nd infusion of Keytruda today and had to be transferred to the emergency room due to low oxygen levels. A CT scan showed fluid around his lung as well as an air pocket in there acting like a blood clot. The plan, at least as of now, is for him to get a chest tube. The thing is, he just had a thoracentesis two weeks ago. Is it common for the fluid to build up that quickly again? He obviously will not have another infusion until all of this is dealt with.
  3. Thank you, Susan. The oncologist double-checked his scan from 12/12/20 and, at least as if then, the cancer had not spread. I’m sorry you had a difficult time with radiation as well but I appreciate knowing what my dad went through is something others have experienced. Thank you for sharing. My dad has an appointment with his oncologist on Tuesday and, unless the plan is changed, he will also to get his 2nd infusion. Please send prayers or positive thoughts, vibes, etc. Thank you, again, to everyone who has read and/or commented. I really appreciate it.
  4. Thank you for reading my VERY long post and for your reply. Not necessarily what I hoped to hear but I appreciate your honesty.
  5. Hi, my name is Ellen. My dad (77) was diagnosed with stage IIIC NSCLC in September after being taken to the hospital for a-fib. Less than a week later he had a stroke (thankfully, he’s almost fully recovered from that other than some weakness on his left side). Once he was deemed “stable” he started radiation. The radiation seemed to really do a number on him - he became incredibly weak, developed pneumonia and blood clots in his lung and ended up back in the hospital. It got to the point where the doctors said their hands were tied - to treat any one thing would negatively impact something else. So my dad opted to go home on hospice care (because he was too sick to be released otherwise). We were very clear with hospice that our goal was to give the radiation a chance to work and for my dad to get stronger so he could start radiation. That plan seemed to work. 3 weeks later he went off hospice (yay!) and met with the oncologist. They did scans which showed no change and decided to start him on Keytruda (4 rounds - 1 every three weeks) to allow him to gain a little more strength before doing chemo. He had his first infusion 3 weeks ago (he next one is scheduled foe this coming Tuesday). He seems more much more tired and weak again. I’m assuming this is normal? His chief issue now, though, is extreme back/hip pain. He’s always had pain there but it’s excruciating at times now. They even had to call the paramedics earlier this week to help him get up and out of his chair. I encouraged them to call the oncologist because I read joint/hip pain is a possible side effect of Keytruda. The oncologist called in a pain killer for him which seemed to be working at first but now he’s in a lot of pain again when he coughs, which is frequently. I know this is a long post - but I guess my question is has anyone else had such a rough go and is now living comfortably - with a good quality of life? It hurts so much to see him struggle and suffer and I just want to know if there’s hope that this will all pay off for him? Given his struggles with treatment, I’m worried about chemo. I also feel like I’m living each day waiting for the other shoe to drop. I can’t even imagine how it is for my dad and bonus mom. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to any responses/advice. Ellen
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