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  1. Thank you for sharing this article. Reading tonight.
  2. UPDATE: Pathology noted the tumor much larger than shown on scans at 5.3 cm. Found 2 other lymph nodes involved the one was at S7 (near the carina- which is where the trachea splits into the two lungs) Oncologist is still waiting on the EGFR results (Positive or Neg). Radiology consult was ordered but Tumor Board was very split over where or not there is any value in the treatment. Still waiting for that appointment to be scheduled (over a week later and this has to be done before the EGFR treatment begins). Due to this positive node, which was one positive out of 4 samples. my staging went to 3B. So, just waiting on more results at this point. On the surgery update; doing very well. Worse part is where the chest tube was placed. My lung function, to me, seems the same or very close to pre-op. Asthma still a little issue here and there. Still "Staying the course" and just waiting. Have a wonderful day everyone! ~K
  3. UPDATE: VATS for Lower Right lobe lobectomy and 2 lymph nodes removal on Wed. Aug 25. 2021. This was done at Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania. I was discharged Friday morning. My chest tube was my biggest owie, which wasn't big. An occasional air bubble when I moved but very tolerable. Since being home, my biggest issues is getting tired and needing a nap. My breathing is great. Didn't need my wedge pillow. I honestly can't tell I had this done. I'll take it, definitely. Oncology follow up mid September, crossed fingers, good vibes and prayers. Hope everyone is doing well. Stay safe. Thank you all for being here for me, someone you don't even know. ~Kris
  4. Correction and Update... My chiropractor used Low Level Light Therapy, it was NOT ultrasound, which returned my voice. LRL Surgery Aug. 25th. *HOPEFULLY* that will be the end of this nastiness. Until then...... Stay safe and well everyone! ~K
  5. Update: I went to my chiropractor because of my lower back pain returning. He used the ultrasound on my "neck". My voice is coming back! So anyone else reading this and having his issue, if you can find someone to try ultrasound, it's worth it. My kids will be so sad my voice is coming back. LOL.
  6. Update... Sorry it's been awhile since I've been on or posted. Chemo 1- Not too bad. Little nausea but no vomiting. Rough for just about 2 days. Chemo 2- Horrible. However, it's thought I got a "virus" of some sort which was a double whammy. I was MISERABLE for about 5 long days. Achy, couldn't get comfortable (even sold my soft and loveseat to but a more comfortable one), nausea, just stunk!!!! -----CT Scan -tumor shrunk more 10%; lymph nodes are dying, no new disease Chemo 3- Easiest so far. Just a little tired here or there. I did get my 2nd B12 shot with this treatment. I want one every treatment, I think that really helped. NO MOUTH SORES this round!!!! Chemo 4- June 15th. This is the final. Then PET Scan and Surgery after 4-6 week from final Chemo. Overall, most days are great! I have found the heat / sun will make me ill very quickly (Headache and nausea). Get tired on occasion, so I take a nap. You really can't tell I'm dealing with this bump in road by looking at me. Now, when I talk, that's a different sorry (mediastinoscopy issue). Eating is hit and miss. So, I just eat what and when I can and what I feel like eating. Feeling pretty fortunate in my journey so far. Bonus is the family and friends that take me to my long chemo days (my kids) and appointments and make me dinner. Very blessed.
  7. I was looking for a diagnostic forum category but didn't see one. MEDIASTINOSCOPY Looking for information on WHY vocal cord issues happen. Has any one had a doctor or ENT explain this cause? To me, the procedure should not be near my vocal cords so what is the cause? I am well aware, that I was intubated, traditional ET tube (not LMA or etc). Being a paramedic who intubates patients, I know if they pull the tube without deflating the cuff or put in a tube too large with an over inflated cuff, that can cause damage to the vocal cords. To note: I've been giving it time to see if that heals all. I have not seen my surgeon to inquire yet. I will be seeing him soon as we head toward the VAT surgery to remove the LRL. I've been trying to search and read but post all in with other things so I haven't found these answer or much on the topic. I did NOT have radiation.
  8. Welcome Trailwalker. I feel for you and your struggles getting proper evaluations and treatment. I'm glad they are now getting resolved to the best possible resolutions. It angers me to know people that truly need healthcare have been put off due to Covid. Keep pushing forward and stay positive. There are a lot of good people here (I'm still a newbie as well) that have great advice. Sometimes you just need to vent. Have a great weekend! ~K
  9. @LouT Moving sucks. So much work. The weekend was a bit rough, but each day is better. The "better" really is just the throat / mouth sores. I'm getting them under control so life is good. ~K
  10. Update: Had Mediastinoscopy on April 2. Anesthesia wasn't my friend this time. Still have a swollen neck area and talking in a whisper. That's all improving though slowly. First Chemo was Tuesday April 13, 2021. Felt great until Saturday late afternoon. Thought it was a great idea to make some food I was craving, then ate a BIG serving. Well, that won't happen again. I'm instilling a 5 bite rule for myself. Eat and wait, otherwise its a night and next day of horribleness. This morning nausea is better but I have began to developed small blister on my throat. Keeping an eye on them. However, today is much improved over the last day and half. I am taking my Zofran and Compazine more regular since the nausea set in. So, just adjusting to my new life for a spring / summer. My new saying: It could be better, it could be worse. Have a great day everyone.
  11. Update: Had my Mediastinoscopy on Friday April 2, 2021. Anesthesia wasn't a friend post-op. Just the Nausea/ Vomiting/ feeling super crappy. Definitely longer an 1 inch incision (glued) and still very swollen/ bruised. I literally feel like I was throat punched. However, I can still eat. I do run short of lung volume at the end of sentences. Still talking in a whisper but gets a tiny bit louder everyday. Biopsy results came back as expected with only one node (S7) being positive. So, treatment plan remains the same. Chemo then surgery. Staying the course, Tom ! and looking forward to being able to yell at ignorant telemarketers again that make fun of my voice when they call me!
  12. KM_NRP


    I did see where Erin Brochovich who is listed as one of the "main people" on the website if also the executive producer of a new TV Show, REBEL. This leads me to question how much she is really involved beyond using her name. Great discussion from the group. I appreciate the points of view. @Tom Galli Well said..."The internet is not your friend". I am more than thankful for this site and the information and people associated with it. I do stay away from all the other....CRAP.....out there.
  13. KM_NRP


    @LexieCat Thank you so much for that opinion Lexie! One thing that's been HIGHLY important and meaningful to me is the honesty with real life stories of people here on this site. So much of the rest of info out there is doom and gloom. Probably due to being such outdated information by the time it's released to the public or used in studies.
  14. KM_NRP


    Good morning everyone! I just came across (thank you facebook for all your "suggested" sites ) for a site called PeerMedical.com I looked briefly but its a site for "anonymously" sharing medical records for the data purposes of treatments and gage how things are working. I'll call it an unofficial study. Anyone have any insight on this page and the good or bad? TYIA ~Kris
  15. @Tom Galli Thank you. I deeply appreciate your tips!!! 😊
  16. UPDATE: as of Tuesday March 30. 2021 After meeting with Thoracic Surgeon and Med Onc I have a game plan. Surgeon made it Stage 3A. He is doing a Mediastinoscopy Friday to make sure everything is clear and nothing missed on the PET. Then do Chemo - Once very 3 weeks with 4 treatments total. Break for 4-6 weeks then Lobectomy (RLL) Depending on EFRG, maybe a medication daily forever. Note: Chemo will be Alimta and Cisplatin I still feel fine, except a bit anxious that my PCP noted. LOL OH and in the folder of support information from Hershey Med Center, there was a thing about Lungevity for support. ~Kris
  17. @AleHondaa Just a note about narcotics (ie, Percocet and many others but does not include Motrin(that's an NSAID)). Eat when you take pain meds. This is more help to minizine stomach upset. You maybe too sensitive to the dose they gave you or the medication. There are many pain meds out there, so make sure you team is aware. If you start to get dizzy, sit or lay down. That will help with the blood pressure dropping. Get well and get out of that hospital! Good vibes for you. ~K
  18. LexiCat, Thank you. PET scan only lit up on the mass and 2 lymph nodes that were biopsied. Hence why I hope they can and will do surgery before it spreads. Retired prosecutor.... Tough job! But great that I'm sure doing that you made a real difference.
  19. HI Shella, I'm in the new stage like you, so I don't have much advice. The one thing I can say is that I understand you grief waves. I try to let myself cry sometimes, it's part of being normal. Then other times, I try to keep busy and focus on good things in life. It's ok to be normal.
  20. Thank you all. I had a Bronco Biopsy done and just got the results. It is Adenocarcinoma. The mass and one of the two lymph nodes were positive the other lymph node was "good". Need my brain MRI and consult with Thoracic Surgeon and Oncology. I am in good health and 53. Fingers crossed; the surgeon can and will be able to successfully remove all the bad stuff.
  21. Thank you so much Lou. That is great advice. I have been reading Tom information as a resource. Dr. Google...and WebMD....the nemesis to all patients over their healthcare professionals. Currently, still waiting on a PET scan time but should be Thursday now. The hospital / insurance pathway for preauthorization got unlinked somewhere. I had to call insurance this am, who said they hospital called about preauthorization and they were told how to do it. However, the insurance says they received no request from them. Therefore, I suspect I should have some results on Friday, 3/5. I'll be back to update then. Thank you to everyone for their information, support and great advice. Some of it I know, but need to be told by someone else to get it in my head! ~K
  22. Hello everyone, Glad I some how stumbled across this site. I'm a 53 year old female. Never smoked, no family history, etc. I did have a moderate case of Covid in May 2020. I have received both vaccines (I'm a paramedic) with the 2nd on 2/05/21. On 2/15/21, I went for my annual physical for my career. Every 3 or 5 years a routine chest X-ray is done. Mine noted a 3 cm mass. Had a CT which showed suspicious and said to follow up with more test. Saw a pulmonologist Wednesday who says it looks like cancer but ordered a PET scan then biopsy type following PET scan results. Edges were a little rough. Single mass, slight enlarged lymph node (pulmonologist didn't seem real convenience on the lymph node due to clarity of the images) I did have a course of steroids for my asthma but it was well controlled. Normally well controlled. I have been trying to find anything on Covid related masses but coming up dry. IF, this is a covid thing, its still very early to see many cases of this type yet, hence the lack of information. Any information anyone would like to share, I'd appreciate. Thanks ~K
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