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  1. They are only doing chemotherapy for my mom lung cancer and the radiation they did was on the brain which was the gamma knife. She had two chemos , 1 gamma knife on her brain and a linear accelerator on her spine. Mom's been thinking her time is going to be up that she's already setting up like death plans like 'cremations' obituaries' and speaking to the funeral director along with the pastor of church. Also, on Tues, my mom rebroke her spine again another compression fracture due to her first compression fracture was how she found out she had cancer in may when her spine showed spots so they did the full ct scan on May 7 and that was when she found out she was with cancer then all of sudden she's just been making even saying I want memorial brochures this size . Also, my during her second spine fracture found out that she now has fluid around her heart and the dr won't be treating the fluid around her heart as she has had fluid around her heart and then she set up to get her cremation appointment set up and today she was having it all set up even paid for so did any of you get fluid around your heart with the lung , brain and spine cancer ?
  2. As I'm not going thru this but my mother is and I'm looking for some info on this as mom symptoms are coughing during eating, losing voice, losing ability to write and having some balance issues as my mom just found out about this almost two week ago so I was wondering if there were any success stories as she is going thru chemo and went thru radiation. Also , since their is family history of cancer and I plan to see a genetic counselor to ask him about finding out possibly screen myself due to genetic/hereditary of cancer so what questions should I ask when I do talk to that counselor.
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