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  1. Well I made it to NY and my friend is really beat up. They took the lobe out through a slit under her shoulder blade in the back. I was blown away. I guess I assumed they would cut her chest and that the lungs were lower than they actually are. She is in allot of pain and she does not know yet that they want to go back in when she heals from this surgery and remove the middle wedge in the other lung. Her husband says right now if her told her, she would choose not to do it. So he isn't telling her that yet. I will be here through sunday to let her husband go to work and get things done
  2. Joe she will be 52 in June of this year. Gail, THIRD PRIMARY, holy camoly. I never knew one puts you at higher risk of another. I guess they were so aggressive due to the frequency of her getting new cancers. Her ovarian was june 2005. her skin was november 2007 and february 2008 is Lung. I wanted her to come here to recouperate in the warmth but she cant fly yet. She cant sit in the sun. and she is afraid to be away from the states and a hospital. this is just boggling to my mind.
  3. OK so here i sit in the beautiful carribean having thought It was all behind me. Watching the sun and thinking for all the sadness I am truly blessed to be where I am. then the other shoe drops again. My neighbor back in NY, she was my moms best friend, and her husband was my dads best friend. They had lived next door to my parents since 1984 and when I moved into mom and dads house after they passed in 2004 through 2007 they were my neighbors and stand in parents. She had ovarian cancer in 2005, skin cancer in 2007, and this past monday I got the call that its now Lung cancer. She nev
  4. Hey Chick, CONGREATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now come down here and I will make you the most delicious margarita on the beach with the warm sun on your face and have the waves crashing at your feet. Thrilled for you! Shelly
  5. Hello everyone. It has been a few months since my last post but I have been busy. I moved with pretty much the clothes on my back to St. Thomas USVI in October of 07. I have taken my retirement 30+ years early and left my stiffling desk job for a drink slinging gig at a beach bar. its always warm here, no snow, but there is a rainy season. But with a cold salted margarita a little rain can fall and whowould know it. My sister has had a recourrance of her cancer but she is having surgery in February so I will fly back to be with her then. Since mom and dad passed I have learned a hard
  6. shelliemacs

    Roll Call...

    Hi Everyone, I check the board every few months but without being a active caretaker anymore, I am not sure what to post. My sister is in remission again and doing well. It will be 4 years since I lost mom on 8/15/2007 and we just had dads 3 year anniversary on June 8. I lost my best friend Jack, my pet dwarf holland lop bunny, on June 14 and I took a few weeks to greive him as well. Otherwise...My house is on the market and I am moving to the island of St Barts. I have decided to sell everything I own and start my retirement, 30 years early. I saved everything mom and dad left me an
  7. I am stunned speachless. I cant believe the amount of LC cases that are coming out of nowhere!!! Today. I found out three more people, 2 I know dearly and yet another I am related to have been diagonosed with lung Cancer. 1 at stage 3b and the other 2 at stage 4. My cousin who is 45 thought she was having a heart attack. she was rushed in and they said no heart attack. its pneumonia,,,,,long story short, the fluid they drained ....filled with cancer cells. more tests....stage 3b NSC lung cancer. my next door neighbor....found out yesturday. Stage 4 LC given 6 months without treat
  8. shelliemacs

    Ray A

    I too remember ray. I am so very sorry. I know he loved his family very much and am so sorry for your loss.
  9. I take xanax and it saves my sanity. I have three different doses and take the does depending how bad my anxiety/panic is. I would never push it on anyone, but it just quitely and calmly pulls me back from the edge. I am able to sleep while on it and I can handle my anxiety.
  10. I too am so very very sorry. I have no words of comfort except I am sorry. shelly
  11. I pray for her miracle. i understand your heartache so very much.
  12. my deepest sympathies.
  13. Hi everyone, I know I have been absent for a long time. Just trying to keep my sister going and cope with life's ups and downs. quick update, my sister has only two chemo's left on her second go round with breast cancer. Keeping fingers crossed. anyhoo here is where I need help. my nephew, my sisters son, is 16. two weeks ago he passed out in gym class. he was like elmers glue he was so white when the nurse brought him out in a wheelchair to my sisters car. He also had a terrible headache and his right leg was painful above the knee and numb below the knee. a few days later he fealt b
  14. Katie, All my prayers. Can I help in any way even though I am not a moderator? shelly
  15. I set myself up for this disapointment. I believed, I believed finially that the all mighty or my mom or my dad or my step dad were really in a place called heaven and heard my silent prayers that I said in the dark every night through tears that my sister would be the one person in my family to beat cancer and not die on me. I believed that my parents bodies were not simply in the ground under 5 feet of rocks and dirt but yet their souls were up in heaven living out wonderful lives and young and beautiful and happy and were able to look down on us and make sure we would be ok cause they w
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