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  1. I don't think anyone intended this thread to be a downer. I think the main purpose was to highlight the fact that SCLC is underfunded because it's perceived by the medical/pharmaceutical community to be a disease brought on by one's own habit - that being smoking. I thought that Sheri's post was somewhat negative in that she was frustrated but I got it. My mother was hardly a heavy smoker - mostly social (with a glass or two of wine in the last 10 years), but yet she got SCLC. There are no decent clincal trials and because it's considered a "rare" disease these days - it's embarrasingly
  2. Sheri, Can't thank you enough for articulating what most have us have probably been thinking for so long. It was bold and brave and did a service to anyone suffering from SCLC - or those of us that love them. My Mum has SCLC - was only more of a social smoker, but the same question is asked over and over - "did your mother smoke" when I tell people of her diagnosis. The underlying sentiment is always there - that my mother did this to herself. I'm sickened by the underfunding of not only SCLC - but Lung Cancer in general. It's not fashionable - mostly because mothers of young children ar
  3. Hi everyone, My first post to this site My mother - 71 years old - diagnosed with small cell - extensive, mets to liver in September 06. Treated successfully with Etoposide/Carboplatin - 7 cycles. CT scan 2 weeks ago shows no signs of cancer - 6mm attentuation to liver only - no mets to bone. One more cycle of chemo for total of 8. We live in medical mecca - Boston area....I asked about radiation and PCI - no on both counts per her Oncologist. Radiation as necessary for "consoldation or palliation". PCI - not done with Extensive. Jury is apparently still out on this front - across th
  4. Great Post!!! I thank you so much. Talk about giving hope - it can't get any more hopeful than this. You go girl! I'm rooting for you all the way and hope my beloved Mum experiences the same miracle. Unbelievable - what a story! Thanks so much and here's to a happy, healthy 2007! Leanne
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