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    Good morning to everyone.I have been waiting too long to update all of you because it always seems like tomorrow will include more news and some of it better.Most of it so far has not been better so here goes.
    Again I like to highly praise all the drs.that have worked together very well together in the efforts to get me better.As it stands currently I had been previously placed in pallitive care situation.There really are few limited options and those mostly include comfort only procedures and or tests.Next week I have a follow up consultation for the results of the MRI for the brain tumor and swelling of the brain.I also same day have consult to see if there is any ryme or reason to consider a stent to help with the severe reflux I have been fighting along with all the other stuff.
    As of day before yesterday I am home under Home Hospice Care. (there,I finally said it).I have been set up at home(I am still mobile and comfortable as possible).The clincher here is not the brain tumors that have been radiated, it is the size,growth,location,etc.,etc.of the tumor in the chest area.Same culprit we have fought from day one.I have been scheduled for the same visiting team for two days a week to check on me Mondays and Thursdays along with 24/7 any time I need it help for Connie and I anytime we need help.Gettting started this week I am trying to re regulate all the pain meds etc.This week they have already been here every day (but making head way).Have been fighting a lot of pain,nausea,reflux and severe bowel (POOP) problems.
    I have decided to post this update in the Lung Cancer Survivors Forum.As most ot you know I am under constant supervision from Ry, Debi,Snowflake,and many,many others here and gone for a goal of better seek and search typing methods.I am in no way a journalist,writer or any other type of a jotter downer.I hope to begin a weekly or more often open heart relating of my feelings and experiences from now until the end.
    I am doing this in hopes that others will benefit from my own personal vendetta with Lung Cancer.I will not have time to respond to many posts I receive in addition to the moderating of the forums I participate in.For that I apoligize.
    I will call this Dead Man Walking and I will try to post it on a weekly basis.This will be a from my heart relation of this experience I am forgoing.I truly hope it helps others here as much as I have been helped by all the others both here and gone.
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