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  1. Hi Everyone, Today Frank would have been the big 60. The kids and I are having a birthday party for him. Frank was so sure he would have been here but I guess GOD had other plans for him.If all his friends would like to have a chocolate donut and a bud lite today I'm sure Frank will get a big charge out of that. Have a great day, Connie
  2. Hi everyone, It's been two months already, and it hasn't been easy.You would think it would get easier but it doesn't. I miss my wonderful husband,best friend,and soul mate.I woke up suddenly this morning and thought I heard someone walking through my house, do you think Frank came back to watch over me? Frank told me if he could find a way, he would be back,and then he would laugh and said I hope I don't come back as a bird, all you guys know Frank when he makes up his mind to do something he could move the world. Happy Easter to everyone, Connie, FRANK lAMB'S wife
  3. Jamie, I think it's a great idea to do Frank's story just let me know what I can do. Connie
  4. Here's a poem I got in one of my cards that I wanted to share with you. Cancer is limited It cannot cripple Love It cannot shatter Hope It cannot corrode Faith It cannot destroy Peace It cannot kill Friendship It cannot suppress Memories It cannot silence Courage It cannot invade the Soul It cannot steal eternal Life It cannot conquer the Spirit Connie, Frank Lambs wife
  5. Hi to all the wonderful people on LCSC, first of all I have to apoligize for my typing (just like Frank)and I know nothing about the computer.I just want to thank everyone for being so kind to myself and my family. We all lovethe things you all have said about Frank,we set and read and cry because we know it's from the heart.Frank loved what he did here it keeped him going for almost four years. Frank not only was my husband but my very best friend we did everything together.I will miss him telling me every day he loved me and how beautiful I was, and some days I looked pretty bad.Where ever F
  6. Dead Man Walking (week 1) Week 1 of Dead Man Walking is one to begin with lots of questions,awakenings,fears,hopes,frustrations .(just trying to type to begin with) .there are so many unknowns that they are too many to mention.We can all fill in the spaces on that one.There were several days of administrative in the home answers and questions.The largest portion of the time spent has been on trying to regulate the primary pain meds from the breakthrough pain meds needed to control the much needed pain relief.(it is pretty severe at times). The nurse Lori that is going to be my our visi
  7. Going to enjoy the game.Doesn't matter who wins.Peyton for Peyton or Bears for Bears.
  8. Good morning to everyone.I have been waiting too long to update all of you because it always seems like tomorrow will include more news and some of it better.Most of it so far has not been better so here goes. Again I like to highly praise all the drs.that have worked together very well together in the efforts to get me better.As it stands currently I had been previously placed in pallitive care situation.There really are few limited options and those mostly include comfort only procedures and or tests.Next week I have a follow up consultation for the results of the MRI for the brain tumor a
  9. Nancy,It is natural to feel this way.This is a very serious operation but it will steadily get better.Be patient it takes a while to mend but keep in mind your getting better. There are many here to help along the way.
  10. Donuts here too please.They always taste as good with a coffee as they do with a beer.
  11. Did you ever feel like someone is trying to pull something overt on you.
  12. That was good.Thanks for much needed early am laugh.
  13. Becky,Congratulations on all those words and wisdom you have helped so many of us with.You have helped many,many of us over the years with good advice,lots of good humor,and I may say you have done a good job of policing our ranks when at times a person needs policed. I am honored to be your friend.Thank You.
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