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  1. i was always told 2 to 3 pounds a week is normal but we are all different... let Dr know like Tom said . make sure to get lots of proteins in to avoid cachexia possibility... that is hard one to recover from if it starts up. that is also known as muscle mass loss disease ..
  2. congrats..... if your dealing with the rash something my late wife found that helped out was nivea blue cap lotion...are you getting anything for nausea and fatigue?? ohj and rash is indicator of success for treatment... keep us uipdated!!!
  3. are you getting anything with your chemo to help energy levels and nausea??? sorry you have to be here but glad you are so we can help ya out!!!
  4. the first 3 days are the hardest ones.... congrats on day 11.... be careful on what you fall back on like eating and what not....keep us updated and let us know what we can do to help out!!! post away also....
  5. it is a hard road ahead of course... one of the things I used to do and still do when the weather is nicer is go outside at night under the stars and talk... discuss anything and everything on your mind....fuss and curse if your mad and apologize when your done of course for that.. it is ok.... you have to get the bad energy and the bad grief off your mind and soul.. this gives you somewhat of a break form the normal routine.. Now your thinking how do I know she heard me talking? in time you will get a sign... be it a smell a vision of something you both enjoyed... Mine is bunny rabbits in the yard... I was my wifes honey bunny so that is my sign to this day...a friend of mine who lost his son sees butterflies and thunderstorms as their sign..
  6. have you tried or thought about smoothies maybe? with some protein powder mixed in?? will help with weight loss and possibly avoid cachexia by gaining some mass back to your frame because of appetite conditions??
  7. don't believe the 3 year spiel... only god knows how much time we have... I have no experience with the new treatments or the Opdivo but look forward to reading up on them...
  8. welcome and let us know how we can help.. tell us about yourself when ya have time....what happened to the diaphragm???
  9. have heard of good experiences from them.. this is a long time but like they have said it could be due to your other infections and conditions. keep us posted with questions and if you need any info.. we can help with lots of things here if you want us to...
  10. dealing with negative energy can be done like this.. I had LOTS of anger when my wife passed away.. did a lot of talking under the stars with her and god... also threw lots of eggs into the trees... release negative energy not good for you... you have to get it out of your life.. Yeah I have Friends who smoke and work for tobacco industry as well... they know when they wanna know some cold hard facts who to turn to. til then I just try toi educate them on the signs.... I jsut tell em when your ready come talk to me over a beer and some supper and will tell ya the facts...
  11. don't panic..... step 1 ask for clarification of previous diagnosis of being cancer free.. and congrats on that one... you may or may not be able to read the scans but you can attain all medical files and sometimes for free or a small copying fee... this would include reports of the scans that you can make heads or tails of ..
  12. When a doctor tells you how much time you have do not listen to him.. he is not god and only god knows when er are leaving this earth....if you get a chance , take a look in the good news and the Inspiration forums for some upbeat stories of survival... there are many written in there and lots to grow from...I am not a survivor but consider myself a survivor caregiver so..
  13. it is hard to deal with this issue.... lots of great ideas but what we found was whenever your hungry, eat no matter what time it is..always try to stay with caloric intake to try and keep weight up also using protein powders similar to what body builders use..weight loss is good but in moderation basically...you have to keep calories and protein levels up in order to prevent Cachexia. the muscle wasting issue...that is very hard to treat.. I have done research into that subject for Friends...think smoothies and things of that nature. I used to get up at 2 or 3 am to make what ever my wife wanted in middle of the night if she did not feel like cooking..
  14. You know my old remedy fro when your missing someone really bad and want to talk???? LOL... take a drink or something you can enjoy outside or if it is too cold and go near a window... open the blinds if your indoors and look up and have a long talk with the one your missing ..... and not too yourself if you don't want to....have a long talk and say everything on your mind.. this is lots more fun when it is warm outdoors and relaxing but it helps if you can not get outside... in time you will get a sign or a response from then...then every time you se or smell or hear that sign your knowing they are there answering you...
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