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  1. BridgetO

    Coping with my dad having cancer

    Hi Courtney, I'm sorry to hear about your dad's cancer. This is a frightening situation for you and your reaction is normal. 7 centimeters is a fairly big tumor. There are a lot of treatments for lung cancer, many of them new in the last couple of years, and new ones are being tested and approved often. You'll probably hear from people who have been in similar situations, who were diagnosed after some sudden alarming symptoms. If you want to learn more about lung cancer, a good place to start is Lung Cancer 101 on the Lungevity main site. if you haven't been there yet, the link is https://lungevity.org/for-patients-caregivers/lung-cancer-101. When looking for online information about cancer, be careful about your sources, since not all of them are reliable. Also, don't get hung up on survival statistices. Most of them are based on 5 year survival. With all the new treatments, the stats on lung cancer are out of date by the time they're published. These forums are a good place to find information, hope and support. Let us know what questions you have and how we can support you. That's what we're here for. Bridget O
  2. BridgetO

    Hallwang clinic

    Hi Ana, i'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend's mom's cancer. I haven't heard of this clinic and as Tom said, we can't revommend particular doctors or clinics. Two things I'd suggest, though, First, be very careful to check anything out thoroughly, especially if it is unusual and expensive. Sounds like you're doing this. Second, She might want to look for a second opinion from a lung cancer specialist, perhaps one in a major cancer center. Beist wishes to all of you. Bridget O
  3. BridgetO

    decision time

    Hi PIP, I also have degenerative disk disease as well as arthritis in my spine. Mine is nowhere near as severe as yours. But I have pain and stiffness in the morning which have made it painful to get out of bed -- once I'm up and about, I'm generally OK. I saw a physical therapist who taught me a better way to get out of bed, which helps a lot. Have you seen a PT? HI Whoknew and welcome! If you feel comfortable telling us more about yourself and your treatment, I suggest you start a thread under Introduce Youself. I'd love to hear more about your clinical trial. Bridget O