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  1. BridgetO

    Lost a friend

    I'm so sorry for your loss.
  2. Hi LindaMarie. Did you get my reply to the meessage you sent me on my page/
  3. Yay for shrinkage! Boo for pneumonia, any kind. Hang in there.
  4. Hello Bridget i read you had a right lower lobectomy.  I’m scheduled to have that also.  I have stage 1 non small cell with benign lymph node biopsies.

    my dr wants to remove all my chest lymphnodes in case they are malignant (even though initial biopsies were benign).  I’m not sure I agree with this.  I’m very afraid of getting lymphedema.

    did your surgeon remove all your intrathoracic lymph nodes?
    Do you know of others that had this done and if so did the get lymphedema?

    thank you and I hope you are well.


    1. BridgetO


      Hi LindaMarie.  Yep, I had a right low lobectomy by VATS,  4 years ago. My surgeon took out 27 lymph nodes, meiastinal, from between the lungs. They were all benign. They had not been  previously biopsied. 

       I didn't get lymphedema from this. In fact, I didn't know that lymphedema was possible from this surgery.  I briefly looked at this on the internet and from a quick look, it seems like pulmonary lymphedema is possible but not common. 

      I'm pretty familiar with lymphedema. I have it in both legs as a result of surgery and pelvic radiation treatment for a non-lung-cancer-related gynecologic cancer.  Prior to the surgery I asked my surgeon if I would be at risk of lymhedema from the extensive surgery and he said I wouldn't because he was not planning to take ot inguinal (groin) nodes. He took out 27 nodes from my pelvic and aortoc area and 2 were malignant. (odd coincidence  that it was the same number removed from my chest). When I develped lymphedema, the Physical Therapist that treated it saie that she had heard from other patients that that surgeon had told other women the same thing. He was otherwise an excellent surgeon. So I'm not sure how much I would trust one surgeons opini9on on this. On the other hand, the surgery and other treatment saved my life. My cancer was Stage 3 ane very aggressive and I had a 0or prognosis. I would have hae the surgery even if I had known the risk. I've been NED (no evidence of disease for 10 years.

      You might want to get a second opinion on the lymph node issew: Is it necessary to taike them out ane what is the risk of yymphedema.

      When is your surgery planned and is it going to be by VATS? 

      I am well and doing fine. I just had cataract surgery. If you find typos in this message, it's because I don't yet have the right pos surgical reading glasses and It's hare to see what i've typed.

      Bridget O

    2. LindaMarie


      Hi Bridget thank you so much for replying to my question.  Your story has helped me so much I really appreciate you sharing it.

      I’ve been researching and asking around and it seems that by removing the lymph nodes in the chest does not cause lymphedema whatsoever.  I’m relieved.

      I wish you continued health and happiness💕💐

  5. Hi Fred and welcome. Glad you found us. People here will have a better idea what you've been through and probably a better understnding of your feelings that the people you've been talking to. We've all experienced lung cancer one way or another, as a patient/survivor or as a caregiver. Let us know how we can best support you. That's what we're here for! Bridget O
  6. Hi Steff, I'm glad this is resolved. Good work! Give mom a hi and a hug from me. Bridget O
  7. Hi Trailwalker and welcome. You really are in Catch-2 between the cancer and the heart failure. I'm so sorry. I don't know anything about cardiac issues; I hope somebody else on here does. Your first pulmonologist certainly should have! I wish you all the best. Bridget O
  8. BridgetO


    I'm good! Cross my fingers for you still doing fine. Let us know. I have cataract surgery scheduled for tomorrow. Bridget O
  9. BridgetO


    Hi GAM, how are you doing? Did you get relief from the pain?
  10. Yay for you, Opal! I was tired and took a nap the day after my second shot. Other than a sore arm, no other side effects.
  11. Welcome Gisella. you've gotten good info and advice from other members. I'm sorry to hear about your mom's problems and sorry that you're having to deal with this at a distance. I know first hand how hard it can be to deal at a distance iwith a mom who has serious medical issues. Hang in there. All my best to bot of you. Bridget O
  12. BridgetO

    KRAS news

    I'm sorry that the trial didn't work for you. I'm also a KRAS mutant. My cancer was 1a and I needed surgery only. I'm NED now, but you never know when NSCLC will recur, so my ears perk up at any mention of possible KRAS treatments. Hang in there, Kema
  13. Yay for you Roz and the Roscopal effect. Thanks for sharing this--I hope others will benefit.
  14. Hi Kt13 and welcome.I'm sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis. It sounds like your doing the right things in a hard situation. Bridget O
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