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  1. BridgetO


    I'd keep pushing for the pulmonologist.
  2. BridgetO


    I think lobectomy is more common than wedge resection.. In your case, a wedge makes sense-- it's a small nodule and the wedge will leave you with more lung, important with COPD. I don't have COPD or any other lung problems, but I asked my surgeon about a wedge, because I liked the idea of losing less lung. But he said that due to the location of my nodule, he couldn't do a wedge. It was kind of in the middle of he lobe rather than near the edge, and a wedge would disrupt the blood supply to the rest of the lung. So I had a lobectomy.
  3. BridgetO


    Yep, waiting is a drag! I had 3 months waiting and rescan. I wonder if or how your consolidation is related to your pleurisy or whatever is causing your pleurisy. Have you seen a pulmonologist, or has your care so far been by your primary doctor? If you haven't seen a pulmonologist, I suggest seeing one. He or she should be able to understand what's going on and the recommendation to wait and rescan. Bridget O
  4. Hi Faith and Hope, Faith and hope are good things to have. I think you'll find a lot of them here on these forums, as well as support and information. I haven't had experience with the durvalumab. My lung cancer was stage 1a and I needed only surgery. However, I have had two unrelated other cancers, one of them advanced and with a "dismal prognosis", so I have been through radiation alone , concurrent chemo and radiation, and chemo alone. I've had neutropenia (once down to ZERO neutrophils) and needed tranfusion for low red blood cells. That was all 7 years ago. My lung cancer was 2 years ago. I am now NED (no evidence of disease) on 3 cancers. So I believe in hope! Let us know what questions you have and how we can support you. And I agree that durvalumab #1 and #2 (Bob and Kleo) are entertaining! Bridget O