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  1. Patience Chuck. Easy to say I know. Often a PET scan can reveal GOOD news! Peace Tom
  2. Welcome Chuck. Peruse some of the past posts in the new member forum. It should at least let you know you are not alone. Cancer sucks. But treatments have advanced so much. I lost my brother to Lung Cancer in the late 90s. I often wonder how it would have turned out if he was diagnosed now. I guess I will find out! You'll probably get overwhelmed with tests, sticks, probes, scans etc and then you'll get the treatment plan. And that's when I think you will feel better. A plan is almost like a blanket. 3cm isn't small, but it isn't huge either. Mine was 4.2 cm and I was able to have surgery. Please keep us informed. You might want to post in the new members forum. In my thoughts Peace Tom
  3. All Since I had a clear scan. And I've been feeling better and better as time goes by. And mostly because I was capable of playing 18 holes, I have decided to get a job. Really don't think I can handle the stress of my former life (actually I know I couldn't do it well) I am aiming at trying to get a job with the government. I'm financially good so pay is not an issue. Good benefits are. Have a pre interview on Thursday. Looking forward to it. 60 is too young to retire Peace Tom PS: My oldest son has a second interview tomorrow. His degree is in Computer science and it's been a struggle getting interviewed. The graduating class of 2020 really got a raw deal.
  4. Bang I 100% agree with Tom If you know you have a 6mm nodule then you must have done some diagnostic. Curious where you live. Peace Tom
  5. It is scary. But you have found a place that can hopefully make it less scary. Please gives us more information as you get it so we can be as helpful as possible. Welcome Tom
  6. I also agree with Tom G on the Heppa filters. When my son had his battle with an immune disease it was a necessity. FWIW...the radiation seems to have done permanent damage to my esophagus. Two biggest issues I have are painful swallowing and having food/drink go the wrong way. I take a low dose of oxycodone for the painful swallowing and it really helps. Better than the cough syrup. For the swallowing issue right now I just try to be really careful. So far none of the suggested treatments sound very good to me and I'm feeling the best I have since treatment started and can live with it. No major cough however...just a raspy sounding voice. I'll be switching providers soon..so will see where that takes me. Peace Tom
  7. Very well put Tom. I do not disagree with anything you said. Now. On climate change.....😂 Peace Tom
  8. I 100% agree with Judy. 24/7 is probably not necessary but do whatever you two makes you feel best. All the best Peace Tom
  9. What an interesting string. I will get my booster as soon as they will give it to me. The statistics are pretty much undeniable to me. Get the jabs or catch the VID. And I do think this rather enduring spike will be the last one IMO. Not judging...but we have all been infused with poison as part of Chemo. Not a drug....poison. The very last thing I am worried about is a booster jab. I look at it as taking a lot of vitamin C.....it's not going to hurt me at all. But this is America and we should all have the right to decide for ourselves, and I'm cool with that. Love you all. Peace Tom
  10. Mona I'm so sorry to hear this. Cancer itself is plenty challenging. Having other serious health issues just doesnt seem fair. He should talk to his oncologist. They may have some drugs that might alleviate some of the side effects. Today Chemo seems to be much more effective. Give it a chance. I hope your husband feels better. I personally love taking a train and 100% agree with your attitude towards his desires. I also decided that life was too short with an LC diagnosis to not try to do those things I've always wanted to do. In fact. I mended some fences with my own family that I never thought I would do. I'm very happy I did. Not saying your husband has that issue...just using it as an example. You are both in my thoughts Peace Tom
  11. Minh Your employer sounds like a total *ss (excuse my language). I spent almost 20 years managing people and my reaction would have been 180 of that. Even for someone I didnt neccesarily like as an employee. I'm so sorry to hear that. You will have the option of COBRA, but it's not cheap. I would suggest getting a free consult with a lawyer. I am not up to speed on current law but letting you go for health reasons may not be legal. Best of luck Peace Tom
  12. I want to brag on my oldest. He had the unfortunate experience of graduating in 2020 with a computer science degree. I thought he would have gotten a job quickly but COVID really messed it up. He has been applying and applying with little luck. Couldn't even get interviews His Dad gave him some advice. Not to take any credit at all, but he just finished a first phone interview and is scheduling a second interview for next week. It's really cool to hear the excitement in his voice. He moved out from home in June to what counts as Portlands silica valley without a job. That took courage and I was proud of that. Anyeay... thanks for letting me brag. Its moments like this that reinforce my commitment to beat the beast. Peace Tom
  13. Kris Thanks for the update. Please think hard before doing adjunctive radiation. My oncologist was 50/50 on the benefit. I choose to go ahead because Large Cell is more prone to metastasis than most LC's and I wanted to do as much as possible to clear the body of any cancer cells. I now wish I had skipped that treatment. Radiation was much tougher on me than Chemo was (the fatigue was really bad). But the main reason is it messed up my esophagus. This is really not surprising and is a rather common result. I am starting to think it may never be "right" again. On the other hand I have been NED now for 18 months. Wishing you the best regardless of which path you choose. Peace Tom
  14. Agree with both Lexie and Judy. The bronchoschocopy wasn't at all uncomfortable for me. I'm guessing I will have another in the next few months and am not stressing at all. FWIW. Peace Tom
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