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  1. They are cool as long as they dont get infected and are properly flushed from what I read. I get mine put in next Tuesday. I am confident it will be far better than getting needled everytime. Peace Tom
  2. Best of luck Lynda. Since you have asked for opinions I have one. Request that they do a full resection of the tumor and test it during the procedure. If it is not cancerous then they will do a resection and take a minimum of good lung tissue. If it is cancerous they would most likely continue with a full lobectomy. IMO....assuming I didnt miss something......this is the best and fastest route to "cure". Doing a biopsy is far from full proof, often enough give both false positives and negatives or "undetermined". Doing it as I describe may be more stress but would be the fastest. FYI.....my nodule of the same size from 2005 came back as not cancerous via a PET scan. Just got a 4.9cm Large cell Endocrine tumor removed. Stage III at the moment and getting MRI tomorrow. I so wish I had had it taken out 15 years ago. Instead we watched it a few years and then collectively forgot it. Damn Peace Tom
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