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  1. Gina Your learning one of the worst part of LC. The waiting. We all get it. But the wait will be worth it. Welcome and wishing you well. Peace Tom
  2. I echo everyone else. Been losing a few lately. Let's break that momentum right now. So grateful he passed in peace. Peace Tom Edit:See @islandgirls
  3. Hey Lexie...thought you was in the hospital?
  4. Your going down the right path. Do you have an oncologist or pulmonologist? I would be a bit concerned about the growth and calcification. Not sure what an ENT is but keep is informed. Any details about you? Age, location. I am very sensitive about screening nodules and watching them as a strategy. I'll bore with details later. Peace Tom
  5. Take a deep breath. All of these are small..but concerning. What does the onc think? Are the nodules in the same lung? (Looks like they are). If so, surgery may be a viable option. You have plenty of time for diagnosis, so try not to freak too much. I have (had) large cell stage 3. Lobectomy followed by chemo and radiation. 18 months NED. Keep us posted Peace Tom
  6. I dont think they have a choice. My friend whose husband just passed was on hospice and still spent numerous days at the ER because of complications. Plus, you cannot be forced into hospice unless something changed. Just a thought.
  7. Sounds like a sound approach. Dont fear the Chemo. Not pleasant but for many it's very tolerable. Others will chime in soon. Peace Tom
  8. Nanny

    I am so very sorry for your loss


  9. My father was a WW2 vet as well. In the Pacific. He never talked about it either. I also was the primary caregiver and was pushed to put him in hospice by the hospital on short notice. I wont bother with the details of what a crappy place that was...but fortunately they were competent enough to keep him sedated. Last time I saw him awake was when they loaded him up in a van to take him to hospice. By the time I got there they already had him heavily sedated. To be honest...it was essentially assisted suicide. I was there when he passed. I was also there when my brother passed away from LC. He had home hospice and that is where he passed. He was so young. Lesson learned by me...to do as Tom said. Prepare now for your passing (may it be decades). Your dad lived a very full life during interesting times. It is a shame his end was not peaceful. I'm so sorry. Peace Tom
  10. I would go to the ER. Be smart about when you go. When my Dad had severe issues near the end I ended up taking him to an ER. But first I drove down, explained the situation and asked the best time to come in. They told me in the morning. So waited 8 hours and took him in. He was seen immediately. Good luck
  11. I can both feel your frustration and understand it. I have come to the conclusion that I am the Captain and if I dont feel like I'm being treated correctly I become a pain in the *ss. Do you have good insurance? Could insurance be a potential cause? Peace Tom
  12. I read it a long time ago. Pre cancer. I also think it is an excellent read.
  13. If I may ask. What is the most powerful dose of each drug yo ou have taken. You did not mention two obvious ones tho
  14. Welcome from me as well. You have stumbled on to a special place. Peace Tom
  15. Shhhhhhh. I like seeing the scans right away. Just read the impression section. Dont tell anybody else....😉😎
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