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  1. I was given the lidocaine cream and put it on at least an hour before the stick. If I forgot, the jab reminded me to do it next time. My port punctures always stang pretty bad....but better than hunting for axvein! Peace Tom
  2. I found radiation to be more impactful to me than Chemo. I had a crushing fatigue the last two weeks. I managed to get thru chemo with almost no issues (had to skip one treatment hue to blood counts) and few side effects. So...in my book you already have done the hard part! Peace Tom
  3. I have pretty good pulmonary function that I expect to get better over time.....tho I definitely feel the difference between now and pre surgery. I'm no where near requiring O2 or not being able to function as before. But....God didn't give us 5 lungs for no reason. Trust me tho....I am SOOOO happy I had surgery. Peace Tom
  4. For planning purposes only and Chemo only I would plan on 4 to 6 treatment cycles. One cycle is three weeks. So, it takes awhile. Peace Tom
  5. I agree with Lexi...surgery after spread is not usually the first line treatment. I would try to get another opinion and, in this case, push for a biopsy. Tho VATS is relatively easy and safe, but there is no question it has a dramatic effect on your breathing capacity. In your circumstance I think I would value that more than removing some nodules. However, if the surgery can get all of the known cancer present I would change my mind and advocate for surgery. The chance of sustained NED with surgery would be worth the loss of breathing capacity. Obviously this is just one man'
  6. I vote double pepperoni and fresh tomatoes. In fact. Sounds so good I'm cooking a frozen pizza! Peace Tom
  7. TJM

    Second opinion??

    Bless your husband.....especially if you are a hands of, wait and see, kind of person. Dude loves you. Peace Tom
  8. TJM

    Second opinion??

    My oncologist is similar. I had several issues which I assumed were connected to treatment which I brought up several times. Finally, I think both of us got annoyed. I told him I thought he was my captain and all my issues should flow thru him (atleast for a couple years..right?). He basically told me..no, that's not how it works and to go thru my primary for "new" issues. Now, this makes no sense to me at all, but I followed "orders" and went thru my NP. Probably saved my life because after several starts/stops we figured out I had had a PE and was put on blood thinners. Now I'm also on
  9. That was me 😁. I am so happy you decided to join the group!
  10. TJM

    Egfr exon 21 tagrisso

    Tom You are more than just an outlier...you are one of a kind, and I'm not talking about your survival. Peace Tom
  11. Welcome. Like Lou, I apologize for it taking so long for you to get a response. I hope your still with us...if you are can you give us an update. Peace Tom
  12. Saturn. I may not be able to guarantee it but I can say it. "Everything will be OK and she will beat this" I like my odds at being right. Peace Tom
  13. Damn. So sorry to hear this news. A couple comments. First....since you are a survivor already you should know that treatment for cancer has advanced quite a bit. Both in effectiveness and in side effect controls. Second...sounds like you do not have many details yet? Please try to wait until you have the details prior to freaking. Last....Dont worry about money yet. Check out SSDI. I'm guessing you would qualify quickly. As for health insurance. Milk your job for all you can. Ask for a reasonable accommodation. You mentioned your job was physical, are there other jobs where you
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