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  1. TJM

    The End is Drawing Near

    I've been on the caregiver side twice. Once for my brother and the other my father. It is not an easy thing to do but I feel that in both cases it was good for me both mentally and emotionally. I was not there for my mother and regret it to this day. Remember to take care of yourself. And do not feel bad if one of your emotions is relief when it is over. You are in my thoughts Peace Tom
  2. I have Large Cell Neoecrodin Non small cell lung cancer. It supposedly acts much more like SCLC than NSCLC and has the same first line treatment. So I tend to follow this forum the most. Had lower right lobe removed, Chemo (cis/etp) and adjunctive radiation. I should be NED.....will find out soon enough. As for depression, I just finished treatment last week and almost immediately went to a dark place for a solid three days. By far the most depressed since all this started in January. Yesterday was the first day I felt mentally better since last week. No idea why, just glad the cloud has passed. Wishing you all the best Peace Tom.
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