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  1. Hi does anyone know if oramorph works on esophagitis as the pain when swallowing is almost unbearable, the Dr's want me to go in to hospital but I would rather not just yet if possible many thanks Justin
  2. Hi Paula thank you for the reply and the support,when you here good stories it really does help and make things worth doing no matter how difficult, I'm so pleased you are well and getting on with your life after such along and hard journey, I honestly think if my esophagus wasn't as bad I could manage the rest of the side effects alright but now it is bad even when I'm not swallowing or eating I do have pain relief but it's not really working hopefully it will start to get better when the radiotherapy has finished next week, I don't know if they will offer surgery after this but I would like it removed if possible did they remove your lymph nodes aswell, thank you for messaging me it really helped take care, All the best Justin x
  3. Thanks lou it definitely does make you feel like everything is worth it
  4. Hi and thank you for the replies,I have been given some antacid and anesthetic medicines but it's not really sorting the pain out, I only have 3 more radiotherapy treatments left so hopefully it will get better soon, the oncology team have said the cancer is shrinking already and that they are really pleased with the outcome so far, I finish the chemotherapy on the 24th December so hoping for a better new year lol, Kind regards Justin
  5. Hi I had the blood transfusion done and its definitely made a huge difference to my skin colour nowhere near as pale, unfortunately my biomarkers came back negative for immunotherapy so a bit worried what may happen after the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments are finished, the radiotherapy has caused my chest area and oesophagus area to be really sore to the point where eating is really difficult and swallowing has anyone got any suggestions on how make it a bit easier to put up with, many thanks Justin
  6. I hope everything goes well for your mum and all good news, I know how difficult it must be for family members I know how worried mine all are, but stay positive for the news you all deserve. Take care Justin xx
  7. Hi Thanks to everyone for the support, the chemotherapy has thankfully gone ahead despite the bloods being low, I have a transfusion booked for next week, yhe chemo is a bit rough definitely but it is bearable, I have asked again regarding the biomarkers and the oncologist said the results still aren't back yet, as soon as I get any more information I will update, I'm so pleased your mum has got through this and is now enjoying her life again x, many thanks Justin
  8. Hi everyone, Quick update on everything so far, I've done seven radiotherapy sessions and 2 weeks of chemotherapy, unfortunately my white blood cells are to low so not sure if treatment will go ahead as planned on Monday, they told me a blood transfusion will be done if necessary next week, I asked about the biomarkers but nothing yet. I hope everyone is well take care Justin
  9. Hi and thank you for the support, I started the treatment last Monday I'm having cisplatin and vinorelbine chemotherapy via iv for 6 hours and I start the radiotherapy this Thursday I have to say I thought the first couple of weeks would be a bit easier but definitely is tough, I'm having a chemotherapy tablet tomorrow instead of the iv, the side effects seem to be a bit brutal but hopefully it will be worth it, all the best to everyone Take care Justin
  10. Hi just to let everyone know I'm starting treatment on Monday, 6.5 hours chemotherapy I'm hoping the oncologist will have the bio marker results and that I'm a candidate for immunotherapy treatment as well which may cut the the chemotherapy down, Many thanks Justin
  11. Hi thank you for the reply your message was very helpful and it's nice to hear positive stories and good news, I will keep you updated Kind regards Justin
  12. Hi thanks for the reply, the radical treatment does sound a bit daunting how was your mum through it, I'm glad she is NED that's brilliant you must all be so relieved, i think being told you will be treated with curative intent really does help with the anxiety and overall mental stress,take care. Many thanks Justin xx
  13. Hi lou thanks for the reply i definitely feel a bit more positive about it all now, I'm not looking forward to the treatment but eager to get started, it definitely helps seeing the consultant and eases the anxiety knowing that someone is trying to help. Many thanks Justin
  14. Hi everyone I just wanted to update, I have now seen the oncologist and have been told I will start treatment within the next couple of weeks with curable intent, I have some lymph nodes involved on the same side as the tumor but nothing anywhere else, they are starting with chemotherapy and radiotherapy together but are hoping the bio markers will come back with a pdl number so I can have immunotherapy as well i will keep updating Thanks Justin
  15. Hi Tom thank you for the reply i really appreciate it and any advice, I'm not sure what the nurse was actually trying to say, as I had already been told by the respiratory Dr 2 weeks ago that i have this, I don't know why they said I would have radical chemoradiotherapy before having the results of the biopsy and I'm not sure about the PET SCAN results as she told me she couldn't read them properly over the phone, I thought I would be updated by an oncologist when all the results were in. Many thanks Justin
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