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  1. iHi Sheryl and welcome here. Terrified is a completely normal reaction to being told you may have cancer. Now you're in waiting mode, which can be very hard. Tom and Michelle have given you some really good information. I only want to add that I was in a similar situation with a nodule discovered during a scan for something else. It was about the same size as yours. Long story short, It turned out to be a non-small-cell lung cancer, stage 1a. I had my lower right lobe removed by VATs (video assisted thoracic surgery) and I didn't need further treatment. Now, over three years later, I still have no evidence of disease (NED). I consider myself one of the "lucky" ones--if there is such a thing as lucky ones among people with lung cancer. Most lung cancers don't have symptoms until they are advanced and more challenging to treat. These early small ones are often sucessfully treated more easily. Hang in there. I hope your nodule turns out to be benign. If not, I hope it's as easy to fix as mine was. Let us know what questions you may have and how we can support you. Bridget O
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