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  1. i'm sorry for the loss of your father. Looking back through your posts, It looks like you did everything possible for him. That's what we can do-- we can't control the outcome. Please don't second guess yourself.
  2. BridgetO

    Dad Feeling Tired and Weak

    Hi and welcome. Anything that constricts the airway and reduces oxygen intake is going to make someone feel tired and weak. Can you share any more about your father's diagnosis and treatment plan? Hang in there! Bridget O
  3. Yay for Tagrisso! It's good that you caught the embolism early.
  4. BridgetO

    Cancer Hospital in USA

    Hi Nagla and welcome. As a moderator for Lungevity, I can't recommend specific hospitals or doctors. But here is site that will give you a list of Comprehensive Cancer Centers designated by the National Cancer Institute. One of these would be a good place to start. Best of luck and keep us posted.
  5. BridgetO

    Well this sucks

    Hi Tom and welcome. The place to start is with a CT scan, which you're set for. Next, you need a pulmonologist ASAP, regardless of what the CT scan shows, so if you don't have one already, I suggest asking for a referral now, and getting an appointment. Maybe you have cancer and maybe not. Something is definitely not right in your lungs. It could well be an infection. There are bacteria and fungus diseases, as well as cancer. You could start looking at reliable lung cancer infomation so you can understand how it is diagnosed. Here's the link, https://lungevity.org/for-patients-caregivers/lung-cancer-101 Best of luck and keep us posted. Bridget O
  6. BridgetO

    Immunotherapy for EGFR+ NSCLC

    You are definitely not alone. I think we should get t-shirts that say "LUNG CANCER: Been there, done that, got the t-shirt".
  7. BridgetO


    wow, Kleo, that sounds awful! I had muscle spasms in my buttock as a reuslt of a very weird side effect of my gyn cancer surgery. It wasn't contiuous, though, but would come on very suddenly, usually when I was out walking. It was awful, sometimes I wondered how I would get home. At its worst, It made me feel like banging my head. The only thing that made it tolerable is that it didn't last long, maybe an hour or two. Two things that helped it resolve sooner were sitting with a tennis ball pressed in the center of the painful area, and lying down with alternating hot and cold packs. Sounds like yours is continuous, though. I can't imaging that kind of pain going on for a long time! Can you sleep?