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    Originally from Rockland County, NY, worked in NYC for many years. As an office worker in Lower Manhattan, I'm considered a 9/11 survivor and am enrolled with the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund and World Trade Center Health Program. Moved from NY in 2014.

    My husband and I are retired. We have 2 crazy dogs (sisters) who we adopted at 3 months old. They are now 8 but still love our walks in the neighborhood and seeing their friends.

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  1. I am also on osimertinib (Tagrisso), which for me has been very effective. Yes, the cost is very high, but Astra Zeneca has a financial assistance program, AZ&Me (https://www.azandmeapp.com). If you qualify, AZ will cover the entire cost of the drug. The assistance is renewed annually. Your wife's oncologist should be able to help you apply. Or simply call AZ for more info. I hope you do qualify and that she can begin the more effective treatment.
  2. While I was still getting chemo, my oncologist considered putting me on the immunotherapy drug Imfinzi, but once chemo was finished, he reconsidered and settled on Tagrisso. My most recent PET/CT scan showed vast improvement from the prior 3 months. So I'm satisfied with Tagrisso and feel like it was the right decision for me. If feasible, you may also want to get a second opinion to ensure your comfort with the treatment plan. But to me, it sounds like your mother is responding to Tagrisso, and good for her!
  3. @MotorRose, I was diagnosed with Stage IIIB EGFR exon 19 adenocarcinoma in October 2019. Went through chemo and radiation, which ended in January 2020 but caused severe side effects and I landed in the ER on Valentine's Day with a perforated sigmoid colon, which required emergency surgery. (Probably due to dehydration and/or dexamethasone.) I was in the hospital for 10 days and in a rehab facility for 10 days. I was extremely weak when I went home and needed in-home care and PT. I say I paid my dues because of all the pain I endured and almost dying. Then I got shingles in June, but that was t
  4. Lou, Happy Thanksgiving to you too, and to everyone on this forum!
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