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  1. Hi Kasey, I just logged on for the first time in FOREVER and your post was right on top. It's so, so good to see you are well. Congratulations on 6 years! Love, Peggy
  2. I am moved to tears. Thank you all for remembering me on this sad day. Four years. Seems like yesterday. My son and I put flowers, beautiful gladiolas, on Don's grave last night. Yesterday, he would have been 61, and on this date he died. I hate/love August 4 and August 5. A good time to remember the good times, but a sad time as well. I miss him so much. I seem to have digressed this past year back into grieving. I met with a pastor and he said it's probably because of the stroke. Not only am I feeling so alone, but weak and scared about the future. I'm a fighter, as you know, so
  3. Pat, Sorry I'm so late to reply. I haven't been here much the past couple of years. I'm coming up on four years, Pat, and it still hurts. I am so sorry that you are so sad. Grief recovery is different for everyone as we've all been told over the years. I wish I could give you some tip, some formula or magic potion to make the pain go away, but I can't. Don't be hard on yourself, Pat. If you are still in the pits - that's where you are. It's ok. I do pray that God will send you someone or something to lift you up and out of the pit and set you free. Loving and living with someone for
  4. stand4hope


    Most of you don't remember me, but I'm dropping in to say hello anyway. I got some PMs from some of you this morning, and it was so good to hear from you. Things are going ok for me, one day at a time. I am doing so much better dealing with grief, but I still have my moments. There are some things I just can't say or do without tears. I can freely and easily talk about Don, funny things he said or did, etc., but I still can't talk about him being gone without choking up. Since I had the stroke on Dec. 21, 2007, my life has changed in many ways, but for the most part, I'm doing great! I'm
  5. That's easy. After Don died, I bought my son a Harley to ease his pain. All it has done is increase mine. WHAT AN IDIOT! Hi Ann..... It's so cool that you are still doing the Getting to Know You. It's been a long time. Drop me a PM and let me know how you're doing. Love, Peggy
  6. Hi Beck, Yeah! It's really me. I'm still kickin' and SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU ARE, TOO! Way to go, girlfriend. I think you've got this monkey beat. Love and hugs, Peggy
  7. I still have credit cards that I haven't changed - just lazy! The only one I still use that has Don's name on it is JC Penney. We had a Sears credit card in joint names. I called repair for service on our lawn tractor and said my husband couldn't do it because he had died. About 2 months later I got a letter in the mail that the credit card was canceled because the primary cardholder was deceased. Had that card for 35 years! I was the one that always paid it. Boy was I ticked!!!!! Don had some stock options from his company, but they are WAY below the price they were given, so they're
  8. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Atta girl! All my love, Peggy
  9. A good cry seems miserable at the time, but it always seems to cleanse me, especially when I let out all my woes to a listening family member or friend. Then, the next day, as Don would say, I feel "more better". Just gotta get it out! Love, Peggy
  10. stand4hope

    My Aunt

    Dear Tina, I'm so sorry for yet another loss in you're life! You've had a rough time the past few years! I sure hope you have some things to celebrate in the future -- like grandbabies!! All my love, Peggy
  11. THANK YOU! It's so good to hear from all of you. Becky called me. She's doing great, just real busy. I know, Rochelle, I get it! It stinks! All of us will agree to that! Beth, I'll call you soon. I will be off at least two more weeks until I finish outpatient rehab. I would love to get together if you're passing through. I'm hoping to be able to drive by the end of next week. I just don't feel strong enough to try it yet. Maryanne, I'm the one in short brown hair with burgandy sweatshirt with big white V, the 5th and 6th picture down from the top holding a big plate of low fat food
  12. stand4hope

    Update on me

    Hello everyone! Long time no see, huh? Since today is my last birthday in my 50's , I thought I'd drop in and say hello! I have had a challenging 2007, but those that know me know I come out of hard times with boxing gloves on. After seeing my son some suffer terrible attacks of pancreatitis, my mild heart attack in July and two stents, BLAM on Dec. 21 I had a stroke. What a crummy Christmas! I sent an email to Snowflake last week, but oddly, didn't get a response yet. Is she ok? I'm worried about her! The grieving is still there, but less meltdowns. I had a particularly hard tim
  13. I guess I did it two days early. I took homemade chicken vegetable soup and homemade double chocolate chip cookies to an 82-year-old widow friend who is not well and currently a shut-in. She was thrilled! Peggy
  14. Gotcha! When Don was in the Army in OJT in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma in 1969, I couldn't find work. Companies did not want to hire transients for sure. I finally applied for a job at the NCO Club as a cocktail waitress. It lasted for three weeks until Don got in a fight at the Club with somebody that pinched my you know what. Hee hee! I ironed officer's fatigues for the rest of our stay in Oklahoma until Don went to Viet Nam. Got 50 cents a shirt and 50 cents for pants - including starch! Love, Peggy P.S. My lie was that I drink green tea. I hate it!
  15. Ok, I gotta do this, too. Nanci, I'm guessing you did not run into Susan Sarandon. 1. I drink a lot of green tea. 2. I have been a cocktail waitress. 3. I was a high school cheerleader. Peggy
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