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  1. your inbox is full and I want to PM you,

  2. Kasey

    Scan results

    Great news AND great to see you again!!! So glad to hear it!!! WooHoo for yoou!!!1 Kasey
  3. Congrats Tom!!!!!! Here's to MANY MANY more! Kasey
  4. Oh Sheri, Am I so very sorry to hear of all your trials over the past several years. I do believe I remember you and even posting to you on occasion. I am glad you felt you had someplace to vent, and hopefully find some comfort in knowing that people who remember you are here to support you as much as can be done in cyberworld. You've been around here long enough to know one thing we try to do is just put one foot in front of the other and keep plodding along. I hope you can get some in person suppert where you are, but if not, at least know that one person is out here and listening. I'll be cheering you on. Kasey
  5. Oh Janet ~ I read your post yesterday and took until today to begin to even TRY to respond. All the previous posts say tons that I could not begin to say. I've not walked in your shoes or experienced such devastating effects of treatment such as you have. So about all I can offer is cyber support/love/ comapssion with the hope that the words of your friends here can lift you just a bit to enable you to make your decisions and move forward with them. I've followed your posts since the beginning and know you as a smart, committed lady who has researched and always done what she felt was best for her. I do not see that changing in any way. You know what is the best for you. It is difficult for those we love. who have seen us do so well, and respond to treatment eventually see things take a different turn. I think it is denial for them. That denial does not help us at all, but I suppose it is the best way that they can cope. Those of us here don't go the denial route. That is why we are all saying the same thing ~ follow what YOU believe is right for you. And some days that is a very difficult thing to do. It grieves me to see you be so debilitated after being so active and involved and vibrant. Take the time you need to regroup, rethink, or whatever else you need to do. And during that time please come here and allow us the privilege of lifting you up and sharing just a wee bit of the burden you now carry. We all love and support you. Kasey
  6. Kasey

    5 years NED

    Hey Bruce........................seems we both have much reason to celebrate this week. I'll be sure to toast you with a favorite beverage later today. For now ~ I'll sip my coffee to you! We truly are among the lucky ones, Bruce. So glad to know you here and be able to celebrate one another's survivorship. Like you though, am so missing many of friends not able to be here. Enjoy, friend!!! Kasey
  7. Kasey

    What a Milestone!!

    Hello to all you new folks I don't know and to any of my 'old' friends from years ago. I am moved to share a HUGE milestone I've reached in my life. It was exactly 8 years ago today I was diagnosed with advanced stage lung cancer ~ Pancoast tumor to be exact. I have posted 'My Story' which chronicles the tenuous journey I began all those years ago. Throughout these years I have met, in person or just in cyberspace, so many LCSC members. Some just don't come here anymore for whatever reason. Others, sad to say, are no longer with us. And some are still around here, though perhaps in the shadows, reading and cheering LCSC members on. I have experienced 8 springs full of flowers that I was told would not happen. So much has filled my life these 8 'bonus' years that I cannot even begin to be able to share with you all. But one thing I can never fail to do each anniversary date is to give a great big SHOUT OUT and MEGA THANKS to Miss Katie. Yes, it was Katie's website all those years ago that gave me the info necessary to enable me to be here today. DonnaG's response to me opened up doors that led me to my life-saving surgeon. And mhutch, not sure where she is today, led me by the hand to the most remarkable place on earth ~ to me anyhow ~ my DisneyWorld, Nathional Institutes of Health. So to those who think a website such as this is perhaps not a big deal. Let me say this ~ BIG DEAL ~ LIFE-SAVING deal. Thanks to all of you new, old, young, patients, caregivers, supporters. In one way or another you have all been part of this remarkable ride I continue to take. HOPE always. Kasey
  8. I am SOOOO glad to hear from you!!!! I've thought about you for years and have thought the worst! I have the same issue. Not sure if it's due to radiation, but who knows. I am just over the moon to see you post, Kathy. Let's keep in touch! Kasey
  9. Paulette - I do not think you rode in the Goodyear Blimp. About me: I was a school librarian I once modeled for a leading department store My husband and I took ballroom dancing lessons
  10. Congrats many times over, Carol!!!!! So happy for you. Let's celebrate this milestone for more years than we can count!!!!! But for smoe reason I thought I was ahead of you. My surgery was 1/04/05. yours was in 2004???? Now youa re MY hero! all this time I never knew. XOXO, Kasey
  11. I missed the celebration yesterday, Jamie. However, with news this exciting and remarkable, I am sure it is continuing today still. So I am celebrating you and your survivorship and all you have done for LC awaareness. Glad to count you among my very special friends! Kasey
  12. Kasey

    Stable is good!

    Sorry to show up late for this party, Janet. This is better than GREAT news!!!! Yes, head right into summer and enjoy. You are the epitome of a true survivor. I'm thrilled for you. Kasey
  13. Thanks, Randy. I hope you can pass my message on to Kathy for Mitchell. Dear Mitchell, You are so near and ear to my heart. You found a place there many years ago as Pewjumper when you were advocating for your dear mother. You were working on quitting smoking and I was your biggest cheerleader. You fought that battle and the one with weight and I became even more proud of you. I remain cheerleading for you now, as you deal with yet, one more obstacle standing in your way. I hae complete confidence in you, my friend. Please know that I, and legions of your friends, are here to prop you up and help get you on your way. I am sending many prayers, positive, vibes, and all good stuff I got your way. I'll be waiting to see you post yourself real soon. Remember you are not alone. Kasey
  14. Kasey

    LCSC member "Tiny"

    I often wondered about 'Tiny' and if she was off on another one of her adventures. Another tragedy. I remember her so well. When did this happen? You know, Katie, I wonder about so many folks. Wish we could find out how many may be doing. Seems some just sort of disappear. My hope is that they are just doing well and living life. But I do wonder. Kasey
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