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  1. Hey John, Fred and I would LOVE to see Jack get all bashed up and all, but we've made plans to stop by our son's in Exton and view some houses they are looking at with the intent to buy. We're already set up with showings and all. Just confirmed it all earlier this week. Looking forward to seeing the 3 of you tomorrow. Kasey
  2. Ginny, I think what Maryanne said was that she THOUGHT that they weren't going to be able to make ~ guess that's why she hadn't replied sooner. NOW they know they can come. Hope she gets Karen and family again. I KNOW there are more Phila. and NJ folks around. It would be great to get them to come out too. Sure hope it works for Gail. I've missed her. Kasey
  3. Thanks for the update, Gina!!! I have been wondering and wondering about your friend and her mom. I LOVE Dr. Schrump. If he asked me to walk through fire ~ I would ask him how long he wanted me to stay in it. One thing I've found on this journey of mine ~ the higher the skill, intelligence, integrity of the doctor ~ the LESS they are involved with big egos. Dr. Schrump is world-renowned and head of it all at NIH and is not at all intimidated by saying he needs to send you somewhere else. I've found too many that waste much time doing nothing for you rather than just simply saying they need to
  4. Geez Ann!!! I never thought of french fries!!!! Oh well......TOO LATE now ! Kasey
  5. I've been trying to lose a couple of the 25+ pounds I've gained, so Fred has doled out 3-5 mini peanut butter cups for me per day and hides the reest aso I don't finish the bag!!!. I am giving those up!!! Sounds simple????? Not for me. Also Cape Cod potato chips. If you haven't had the opportunity to ever try them ~ I suggest you don't! They are addictive. This is going to be a LONG 40 days! Kasey
  6. Kasey

    Happy Birthday Mom!

    Wish your mom a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me, Susan. This wii thing sounds like something I should try. Kasey
  7. Kasey

    The last first

    Thank you, Nick. What a precious gift she is!!!! Can't wait for the b-day pics!!!! Kasey
  8. Kasey

    The last first

    Ah Nick ~ so sorry you and Sophie must spend her first b-day without your mom and her smile. Now I KNOW it is so very FAR from the real thing, BUT I bet if you would post a new pic of tht cute little thing you would be able to feel all the cyber smiles from many cyber moms here. My attempt to shame you into posting Sophie's birthday pic, Nick. And again, sorry for the pain of your loss. Kasey
  9. We will be there, Ginny. Hope many others w as well. Do you know anything about Gail? Kasey
  10. Oh dear Linda ~ I really don't now the answer to your question regarding the increase of drugs and the effect. But like you, my hope is that the answer would be that ~ yes ~ drugs will take care of all those concerns for us. My most fervent prayer has been the same as yours ~ to just slip away when the time came. And I am prepared to do that. Unfortunately we do deal with lots of uncertainty because of all the unknowns, don't we? I reread you profile with a havy heart. Your LC journey has been a bumpy ride and I'm so sorry for that. And now, here you are, finding yourself in the place we so n
  11. Hey Denise...you just gotta STOP all this nonsense. Don't EVEN make me come out there to Chicago and scare you silly. Glad you are home and doing okay. Do ya think all the stuff you have going on could have created a bit of STRESS????? Sounds like you need some R&R!. Hope you get some. Kasey
  12. Boy, I am so sorry, Sandra. And you are so right about being your own best advoate. We can NEVER let our guard down, take a rest from being anything other that vigilant ~ and yes ~ even aggressive. I know many here wait lengthy periods of time for scan results. Some (not ME) prefer to wait and find out at a future appointment. Others (like ME) want/need to know ASAP. Scans are in the system almost immediately ~ if not the same day, for certain the next. Shame on the healthcare system for allowing this to happen. I hope you puruse this and make LOTS of NOISE about it too. I'm holding onto the
  13. I heard the party is still going on and Barb is ROCKIN' it !!!!! Way to go, Barb. Just goes to show ya that some of us still got SOME of what we used to have ! Hope you continue to celebrate all the way to your next birthday!!!! Many good wishes to tide you over until then! Kasey
  14. (((Katie))) ~ I had a day like that 2 weeks ago. My mother's been gone 24 years and every birthday is the same. SIGH Kasey
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