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  1. Thought I would vent a little. I just had 3 close friends die of this disease in the last 3 months, and 2 cousins that are terminal. It really sucks. I have been clean from stage III  nslc for 15 yrs. Iam so lucky and I know that for sure.  So why me? Still haven't figured it out. Lots of love for all those who are suffering.

  2. your inbox is full and I want to PM you,

  3. Hey Katie,

        I was dx in 2003 when the forum was young. Haven't been on for years.  My  name is Ellack2.  Can't remember anything else. Would like to get on again but everything is so different. Trying to log on to get new password and it keeps saying Ellack2 in not valid. Are we taking out after a certain amount of time. Help

    1. KatieB


      You should be good to go! I DO remember you and welcome back after so long!


    2. ellakc2


      Hi, thanks for replying. Iam so lost on the website I would like to update my status that used to be under my  pic ? confused I have gone into edit and all that I can edit is my name address etc can you help

    3. ellakc2


      Hi, thanks for replying. Iam so lost on the website I would like to update my status that used to be under my  pic ? confused I have gone into edit and all that I can edit is my name address etc can you help

  4. ellakc2

    10 years

    It's been a long journey and I have been very lucky. I had great Dr.'s and support.
  5. ellakc2

    10 years

    Today is 10 years I was dx with lung ca and I'am still here and kicking!!!!
  6. Hi Dani, Wow, sorry to hear all you have to deal with. I will keep you in my prayers. My mom passed of LC and my dad of Pancreatic , so Iam no stranger to ca. Take care and fight. I will keep you in my prayers. Mare
  7. I will be clean 9 years the end of this month of stage III , who would of thought I would of made it this far.
  8. StageIII and nine years clean. Who knows, hang tuff and fight the fight. Everyone is so different. Your Dr.'s chemo,radiation,surgery, kind of cancer and luck. Try to stay positive and to have a sense of humor about it all. Live each each day as if it's your last, and when you get out nine years as I have not to much in life scares you.
  9. ellakc2

    Dr. Oz

    Crap, Kasey sorry I missed it bet you were wonderful. I love Oz he's a wealth of knowledge. Borrowed my nieces laptop, since my computer blew up in a storm even though I had a power surge strip.LOL Go figure. Iam going to buy a labtop next weekend, then I will be able to chat more often, but I suppose you are on FB. Hope to chat soon,love and take care !!! Mare
  10. Hi Guys, Stopped by today to vent. Sad day mom passed 2 yrs ago today of LC. Her older sister passed 5 yrs. ago from LC and never touched a cig.!!!! And then there's me clean 7 1/2 yrs. of stage III LC, who smoked like a chimney for 35 yrs. @#$%^& just saying!
  11. Hey Ginny how are you?! I did see that on action news was good piece! It was Nydia Han's mom who died of LC. Not even hospitals acknowledge awareness months. The only one I see of course Breast ca and sometimes ovarian. Don't get me wrong that's great but there are so many more that need support and get nothing. Have great holidays. I live in the far end of Horham now near Montgomeryville. Take care Mare
  12. Hi Beth, So good you popped in. I do that myself from time to time. Grandson is beautiful. Have great holidays. Its been 8 yrs clean for me, I need to put up new picture. So glad to see you re-married. Life happens as your making plans. Mare
  13. Hi everyone, Haven't posted in a while. My aunt passed of LC and never touched a cig in her life. No one in her home smoked either. Although she did have 9 children and cleaned alot LOL. I bet all those chemicals had something to do with the LC. So I ask people when then asked if I smoked, do you clean? A special shout out to all our pioneers who have been on the site for yrs. Iam doing great!! Still clean ,thank God and I am as busy as ever. I do give our website to LC cancer patients. I talk to people struggling every day. Take care everyone and I will try to post more often. Love , Ellack2 (Mare)
  14. ellakc2

    I'm back

    Hi guys haven't been on line with the site in a long time. I am doing well , 7 yrs clean of stage III. Iam probably one of the pioneers of the site,from 2003. My mom passed of lc in Feb. 2010. Several cousins have been diagnosis. Sticks!
  15. ellakc2

    3 Friends

    Hey Ginny, I know the feeling. My mom pasted of LC in February. That question makes the hair on my arms stand up, espically when it's the first question out of there mouth. I love the phrase, Cancer is a word not a sentence. My 35 yr. old cousin, who is dying as we speak of brain cancer. Such a great kid. Please keep him in you prayers.
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