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  1. Hi Cherylinm I also have a husband who has stage four lung cancer....so i am also not sure how i am going to survive if something happens to him...just trying to stay positive for him, for kids and my parents.
  2. Please go through the link and tell is what do you think? Your wisdom on it will be greatly appreciated. https://www.imugene.com/oncolytic-virus
  3. My husband was at stage 1b. We took chemotherapy as well. Even then his cancer came back within six months and stage four. So you can weigh your risks. All the best.
  4. Komal Your doctor's will let you know about the suitable clinical trial which are going on . So don't worry about it. First let the doctor treat your dad and later God forbid if needed he will let you know the clinical trials. But I wish your dad doesn't need one. My husband is stage one and doctor told him about a clinical trial for stage one patient to stop recurrence but we opted out.
  5. Hi sevenyearstoday You are too young. I am so sorry but life is all about struggle and heart breaks I guess. I will definilty pray for you. As to answer your question, I have couple of people in my family who died from cancer. I can tell you from my experie ce that they were very peaceful during their last days here. They didn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort. They were actually gone long before they took their last breath. They were already into their world which we wouldn't know. We're they dreaming or experiencing some deja vu apparently we will never know. We all have to go one day or the other. So this question that you have asked is something which all need to think about. On the flip side, some people get to prepare for their death others don't get chance even to say goodbye to their loved ones. I am so sorry dear. Your post moved me to tears. Its never easy to face our mortality.
  6. Hi Komal I am staying in bangalore but in I had been to Mumbai for a second opinion and consulted doctor Advani who is a Padam shree in the field of oncology. So I feel you can do that too. Again in Mumbai Tata hospital can also be visited. They are the best in oncology andhave hands on experience as they treat thousands of patient on the daily basis. I know its difficult to move from Delhi to Mumbai but for a second opinion dr advani is the best. You can meet him at Raheja hospital.
  7. Hey komal I am also in India. Please don't worry about your dad, we gave a fantastic medical system in place. Everything that's available in US is also available in India including clinical trials. I wish you all the best.
  8. Awesome...... Congrats
  9. Well.. I will try to answer some of your questions. No cancer is preferable be it squamous or adenocarcinoma but when it comes to treatment options, adenocarcinoma has got more options. Regarding the surgery, I feel its best to have surgery first, it will help the surgeon evaluate your disease thoroughly and you will have the exact diagnosis of current stage of the disease. Moreover if it is contained than surgery is the best treatment option currently available in the medical science. So I guess its better to go with the surgery, get eveluated and you may also get lucky and your stage can go down to second or even first stage from stage three. Regarding the bleeding during the biopsy, sometimes due to position, lung punctures or bleeds so it is common. Also after surgery they will have enough tissues for further evaluation. I hope I made some sense to you. All the very best to you.
  10. Fantastic... Congrats Laurel😀
  11. hope16

    Hope for a Cure.

    Wow... Thanks Tom.. Seems like a big breakthrough... Let us all join and pray for the cure..
  12. I had just emailed him asking if it's OK to take even when the tumor has been resected... He said prevention is always better than cure so go ahead and take it. But since we are already into herbal treatment, we didn't start it. Let us know what your oncologist has a say on it? It sounds like a very good news to me.
  13. Hey guys Please read this link and share your opinions. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/sponsors/kitov-pharmaceuticals/cancer-survival-hopes-raised-by-kitovs-new-concept-in-cancer-therapy/?adv=17613&prx_t=G1sEAAAAAAFEANA
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