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  1. Liza, I am so sorry. I do understand your hurt. I get it.
  2. Nick C

    New to post here

    I'm sorry for your loss. Plenty people here understand. It's a wonderful suport system here.
  3. Nick C


    Rochelle, this is great news!!! We're here and all pulling for continued good news!
  4. Nick C

    She's leaving us

    This is so sad, I am so sorry.
  5. I said the same thing..."It's OK to go Mom. You did good." Maybe we said it even though we both know things would not be OK for us, but maybe it was God's way of telling them it was OK to go to Him through us. I'm sorry for the pain you are feeling. If you ever feel the guilt over this situation, remember you were put in the impossible situation, a sick parent is the l;ast thing a child wants. And the decisions and outcomes that follow are beyond what we could have ever prepared for. So please take it easy on yourself.
  6. I hear ya!!!!! Big time.
  7. Warm chocolate milk should have the enzymes...give it a shot.
  8. Barbb, I am really sorry! Wine doesn't really work, lotsa sugar believe it or not and alcohol keeps your sleep from being restful and deep. I know it sounds cliche, but warm milk. Something in the enzymes actually. The other stuff good stuff has been said already.
  9. Christine, Praying that this isn't LC. If it is hoping it is early. And you know we'll be here as support for you and your family.
  10. You know that I've written these very words and felt them very deeply. TOTALLY GET IT!
  11. Nick C

    Scary news

    You better believe we will be here to give you suppport and prayers and a place to talk vent etc. I'm sorry to hear any not good news! But it sounds like your doctors are on the case! Definitely keep us aprised!
  12. Dana, Your mom loved this baby. She told me so...that she loved the grandchildren she hadn't met yet. She wrote me something to that effect when I was adjusting to my future life without my mom. She meant it! Dana, this baby will bring you such joy. And if it's a boy we'll arrange a marriage
  13. Nick C

    sad day at work

    I'm sorry for them Randy and for the fact that I'm sure it hurts you too.
  14. Nick C

    Mother's Day

    It is my understanding that mothers day was started by a woman who was grieving for her mother, so this is, in a sense, OUR day. That said, this mother's day will be especially tough for me, as it is my wife's first mother's day. And thus I should be happy and celebrate her. But it is a day that has had only one meaning for me and last year the day was turned on its ear. I often find my anticipation of special days has been worse than the days themselves. So I will concentrate on Keri and her new motherhood and I will break some time out to be in the garden, which is exactly where Mom wou
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