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  1. Hello Randy and friends. Like you, I have been away from "home" for quite some time now. I think many of my surface scars have healed but the deep wounds from losing my sweet Dennis will always cause me pain. I promise to be back and do my part to make this journey for others a little easier. Thanks to Katie for this beautiful site.
  2. Ann

    Friday's Air

    Even though I'm still among the ranks of the unemployed, I am thrilled to see this Friday come to an end. I guess after a life time of working, that Friday feeling is just embedded in my soul....lol!!! It has been so hot here today and I have been in a lazy, do nothing mood all afternoon. I got quite a bit accomplished this morning but that energetic mood ended about 1:00, when I finally gave in and took a nap. I hate filing mail and paperwork, so I had let a stack accumulate on the end of my counter. I am proud to say that the stack is gone and everything has either been tossed or filed. So...the day wasn't a complete waste. I'm looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend. I have to speak tomorrow night at a roast for one of our Auxiliary presidents. I have never "roasted" anyone before and I'm a little apprehensive about it. Hope everyone has been having a nice Friday!!! Ann in Florida
  3. Hope everyone had a great Wednesday. When I was working, I used to be very relieved when Wednesday was over since that meant the work week was over half way over. Now, Wednesday is just another day of the week. I really do miss working and I'm beating the pavement trying to find a new job. In addition to looking for a job, I've been trying to use time off to get lots of things caught up around the house. Unfortunately, the motivation for housework just hasn't been happening...lol. We've been having some really nice weather here in Florida this week. The temperature and the humidity levels have both been much lower. It's supposed to be really hot again by the end of the week, so I've really been enjoying the great weather while it lasts. Last "winter" we rarely had any cool days, so I'm hoping this winter is much different. I got my flu shot this morning and I feel like my arm is going to fall off. I always get a flu shot because I have such a tough time with the flu of I ever get it. I think I had the worst reaction to this vaccination than I've ever had. Usually, I only have soreness in my arm for a couple of days but about an hour after receiving this vaccine, I was really dizzy. I know that the vaccine is a very small dose of the "bug" to make us immune. If this is the case and I got this many weird feelings from the vaccine, then the flu this year must be a real kicker !!!
  4. Wow...what a great day to just kick back and catch up on some well needed rest. There are at least a million things I need to be doing but, for today, I am going to listen to what this old body is telling me to do and rest. I'm going to run out to the grocery store in an hour or so and stop by to get all my Convention pictures printed. Everything I have in the house to make a meal of is frozen, so I guess the trip to the store is inevitable. Hope everyone is having a nice, laid back Sunday afternoon. If it wasn't for sports on television, I probably wouldn't know what day of the week it is. I really miss having a job and hope that all changes soon. Ann in Florida
  5. Hello, friends. I finally got home last night after spending 9 days in Indianapolis as a Florida delegate for the American Legion Convention. We had a great week, sharing information about all the great things the American Legion Auxiliary does for our veterans, their families and our communities. I absolutely fell in love with downtown Indy. The Florida delegation stayed at the Downtown Hilton and what a beautiful view of the city we had from our room. I loved the way that this city has merged the newer buildings with the older ones and has managed to keep the older atmosphere. The downtown area was so clean and I always felt very safe while walking around. The people were so friendly, nice and helpful. I was in absolute shock and disbelief when I actually saw a man stop to pick up a piece of trash off the street and stuff it in his pocket until he came to a trash can. Amazing!!! Next year, our Convention is in Houston and I look forward to visiting Katie's state. We're thinking of driving to Houston, rather than flying. I felt lost without my car for 9 days. There are too many things that I want to see and do and I think I would like to drive. Glad to be back with all of you!!! Ann in Florida
  6. Good morning everyone. I'm very happy that today is Thursday, as that puts me one day closer to my favorite day of the week!!! Lots of playing catch-up here at work today. I hate having a lot of loose ends to catch up but I love it when they're all done and my desk is clear. I'm finally going after work for a long over due hair cut and color. The gal that does my hair had to let a girl go, so her work load has doubled up. She's a long distance runner and she hates working late, as she hits the pavement running. I have to make appointments for either after work or Saturdays and my Saturdays have been crazy. So....I can finally get this done and be good for a few months. Between rising gas prices and the price of groceries going up, it seems my wallet has been getting drained really fast!!! I picked up just a few things at the store last night and it was over $40.00. I'm amazed that we don't have more starving people than we do in this country. Hope everyone has a great day and finds time to do something you really love!!! Oh....I added a new word game today. Please play!!! Ann in Florida
  7. Make a 5 word sentence, using the previous posters last word to start your post. ie: Food is always in Fashion Fashion can sometimes be Ugly Ugly Llamas don't have Friends etc etc So...away we go.... I always like fried food.
  8. Sue, you're banana muffins are making me really hungry!!! I could go for a really warm muffin and a fresh cup of coffee right now. I think that would wake me up and help me get through the rest of the day. We've had a couple of unexpected bursts or rain here this morning. They both just seemed to come from nowhere and didn't last long. It's still very overcast and one look out the window makes you think that it must be about 7:30 with darkness approaching. In addition to needing that coffee and muffin to stay awake...the weather isn't helping anything. I would love to go home, turn down the AC to make it really chilly in the house and crawl under the covers. I'm glad to see people are joining in with the word game. I have some new ones coming up, but I'll give you a day more with this one. Hope everyone has a great day. Ann in Florida
  9. Ann

    Monday's Air

    Good Monday morning, everyone. Those are really unusual words, especially coming out of my mouth....lol. Everyone knows how badly I hate Mondays but I'm trying to make the best of today. I just saw a cute little saying on FB.....Mondays are like garbage trucks....you know they're coming but they stink anyway!!! I hope everyone will jump in and participate in the word games that I have started....again. I know we all have a lot on our minds and Lord knows there has been more than enough sadness here lately but we need to carry on in an effort to those that have been loyal forum followers, as well as new members. If you have any games or ideas, please feel free to start them. We used to always have a good Joke of the Day....if anyone is up for that!!! Have a great day and let's keep this forum rolling!!! Ann in Florida
  10. In this game someone starts off with two words, the next person has to use the last word, in creating their two word combination. Here are some examples... green pea next poster > pea soup next poster > soup spoon next poster > spoon handle next poster > handle well next poster > well okay next poster > okay fine next poster > fine china etc OK...the first two words are BUS STOP
  11. Ann

    Friday's Air

    Since today is my very favorite day of the entire week, I thought I would drop in and chat with friends here at LCSC. I hope everyone is managing to stay cool, wherever you are. I have been talking to some of our friends that spend winters here in Florida and spend the summer months at their homes in the north. It seems that they are all wising they had stayed here, as out temperatures, although sweltering, are still cooler than they are experiencing in their northern homes. I know this happens, but it's just almost unbelievable. I know that a lot of our older Florida homes aren't equipped with heat and that makes it bad every once in a while here, when we have a very cold winter. I also know that many homes in the north don't have air conditioning and it makes it very hard on them when the temperatures are so high. I think we have an easier time of it because when we get cold, we can always cover up with more blankets or put on heavier clothing. It's really hard to cool off when it's hot. I learned that in 2004 when we had back-to-back hurricanes and we without power for weeks. So...for all my northern friends, I am thinking of you and hoping you get some cooler temperatures coming your way. As always, it seems I have a busy weekend. Volunteer work is great and I love it dearly, but there are times that I crave the chance to do absolutely nothing. I can tell that I'm nearing burn out when I start thinking that I wish I had time to clean and cook...lol. Thank goodness that my husband doesn't mind doing those things!!! I think that I'm going to try and start postig some fun games here next week. This group used to have so much fun with the games...and the jokes. So...let's all get ready for some fun!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! Ann in Florida
  12. Just wanted to drop in and wish everyone a Happy Friday. Thank goodness that I'll be leaving work a bit early today to drive to my weekend Boot Camp in Orlando. I just have to stop by the house and pick up my suitcase and my cooler. Yes...I'm taking my cooler with water, soda and plenty of snacks, as food is outrageously priced in Orlando. They seem to think that everyone there is vacationing at Disney with a huge pocketful of $$$. Not me...it's junk food for me all weekend. Not healthy...but affordable!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend. PS....loved reading your post, Lily. Now, I'll be calling every quail I see Roberta.
  13. Well, the rain has finally stopped here in Florida after our little tropical storm finally passed through. It has been raining since Friday and we're pretty soaked. My grassed was mowed last Thursday and you wouldn't believe how tall it was this morning. Thank goodness for riding lawn mowers during this time of year. So, I guess we wait and see what the rest of our hurricane system has to offer. Hopefully, it's nice and calm here for the rest of the season. Life is much the same for me...work at work...work at home and my volunteer work. It's hard for me to imagine what it would be like to relax. I think I need to pack up and join Janet at the beach. Funny, I'm very close to the beach but I rarely go. My fair skin doesn't tolerate the sun very well and I'm not a fan of sand. There's something very yucky about the combination of sand and sunblock...ugh. Lillian, I'm so envious of you and all your gadgets!! You're becoming a real hi-tech gal. I'm also envious of that pot of gumbo you are making. If I lived close to you, I would definitely be dropping in for dinner...lol!!! I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday, my very favorite day of the week. I will be leaving work early tomorrow and driving to Orlando for a weekend "Boot Camp" for the Auxiliary Department Officers. There is so much new to learn every year, so I have lots of paper and favorite pens ready to take lots of notes. August 14th is getting closer and I'm getting more anxious over that date. Not sure if all of you know, but my oldest son is running for County Judge here and we're all very excited about the possibility of having a judge in the family. He's always been very dedicated and worked very hard with his law career, so I am truly hoping this dream comes true for him. We've been doing a lot of campaigning and I hope it works. Hope everyone has a nice evening!!! Ann in Florida
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