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  1. Well, finally got the bumper stickers going! I never could get anyone to totally donate getting them printed...so I am paying for them to be printed! Kinko's did donate the document creation fee which was nice. I have 1000 bumper stickers which simply say "CANCER SUCKS" on them printed. They will be ready in a week or less. All proceeds will go to the Relay for Life Walk on June 4-5 in our town of Wichita Falls. Anyone wanting a bumper sticker, please email me privately and I will send you my address. All I ask if for a donation to Relay for Life and a self-addressed stamped envelope to retu
  2. Sorry that it has been such a long time since I posted. Life has not been easy for several months now. Dean's condition continued to worsen over the last few months. He went on Iressa, but without any results. He was admitted to Hospice on the Saturday before Easter and left this earth for a better place on early Sunday morning April 25th. It has not been easy, but Bethany and I are continuing to get out of bed in the mornings, and trying to continue where our lives left off seven months ago. The older kids are coping as well as can be expected. Our daughter will graduate on May 15th, and
  3. Thanks. We had our photos taken on the "spur of the moment" at Wal Mart a few weeks ago. Not dressed up, no makeup....etc! This is our daughter, Bethany, 8 years old, with us. She is a "Daddy's girl" big time! Lynne
  4. Thank all of you for your support, suggestions and encouragement. Dean is feeling much better. The radiology doctor gave him the remainder of the week off from radiation. It is already helping! He had chemo yesterday, but because his platelets were low, he only got the Navelbene. At least his rbc was up to 11.4! First time it has broken 10 in ages! He is feeling so much better. Thanks again for everything! Lynne
  5. Sorry that I have not posted in a while. Not even sure where I left off! Well, we are "holding on" and trying to remain positive despite everything. I have continued to pray for all of you. Sorry to read that so many new people are having to seek these message boards for information, hope and help! Dean had a CT a couple of weeks ago. The CT showed only "slight" shrinkage in the main tumor in the right lung, no shrinkage, and growth in the midsternum lymph nodes and two lymph nodes under the right clavicle that were not infected before are now growing and infected. Good news was that th
  6. Liz, Sorry that you are even having to go through with this...no one deserves cancer....especially lung cancer! Remaining positive is always a plus, but often MUCH easier to say than to do. I do not have cancer, my husband does, but I know that even I cry and get worried over every "little" change, ache, or pain that he has. I don't let him see me cry, but none the less, I do. I pray, try to stay as upbeat as possible for him and pray for that miracle and a cure! You may also want to talk to your physician about an antidepressant. It would not do any harm, and might be able to take the edge
  7. Cameron, I am so grateful that you were able to be with your mother in her last prescious moments, grateful that she did not suffer long...and grateful that she got her last wish. I am sorry that she has left you and your dad ....I know that you both will miss her terribly. My sympathy and prayers be with you both as you struggle to get through the difficult days, weeks and months ahead. Lynne
  8. Dean is feeling much better...day by day since he got out of the hospital he is stronger. He was up to going Christmas shopping last night! We have had second and third opinions. We went to Dallas and saw a thoracic surgeon and onocologist there. Same treatments recommended...same theory on not being able to do surgery. Dean is on Taxotere and Carboplatin. He had an allergic reaction to the Taxol so they had to switch him to the Taxotere. Our onocology center works a great deal with MD Anderson. They do testing of new drug therapy. Charles (the person in research and testing) keeps abreast
  9. Thank you all for the suggestions and support. I may have given you all the wrong impression of this doctor. Dean and I both really liked him....despite what he had to say. He was very straight forward and honest. He spent over an hour just talking to us. He did add that everyday there are new advances....that only God knows when our time is up...but that we did need to know what could/might happen. He said in 20 years they would look back on the treatments today and say we were very archaic! That there were many roads to improvement to make! Dean and I both like people to be honest..not sug
  10. Dean has been having chest pain for months, but on Sunday morning and early early Monday morning he had a 'different kind' of chest pain. He had been given Nitro by the onocologist a month or so ago to take for chest pain to see if it might be cardiac related but he had never taken it because he just did not think it was. Well, Sunday, the pain was different, so he took one. It stopped the pain....Then at 5am Monday, the pain started again....again it was relieved by the Nitro. He called the doctor on Monday. They have set him up with a cardiologist for Friday. Today, Dean and I saw the rad
  11. Dean is home, finally...after 7 days in the hospital! The doctor is switching his chemo to smaller doses weekly to hopefully prevent his bottoming out again in blood counts. PLUS..they will be doing daily (Monday through Friday) radiation treatments to his chest area as he put it getting more aggressive with treatments. The original tumor shrank 30% on the first ct and the lymph nodes had shrank some but not as much. The tumor from 'xrays' shows to be stable now, not growing but not shrinking that he could tell from xrays) plus the lymph nodes are not shrinking and are still extensive over th
  12. Mo, Thanks for sharing. It is always encouraging to hear positive stories! Gives me renewed hope! Lynne
  13. Dean was admitted to the hospital again (3rd time since September) on Sunday evening. He had a temp of 102, difficulty breathing, chest pain, and a right arm that was so swollen and so sore that he could hardly move it. It had a hard knot from the shoulder to the elbow and then another hard knot under the arm-pit area. They have decided that he has pneumonia again...at least two blood clots and a possible third in his right calf area. They had had him on Lovenox injections at home, slowly switched him to Coumadin and then the blood clots returned. They put him back on Lovenox in the hospi
  14. Dragongif, Welcome to the boards. Hope that you will be able to find the information and strength and encouragement that you need here. These are wonderful people....and it does help to talk to others that really understand! Lynne
  15. Paula, Glad that you are able to be there and support your mother. That is always a huge plus for the fighters of this horrible disease! She sounds like a strong-willed strong mother!! If you need to talk, we are here..... Wish we could have met under different circumstances. Lynne
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