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  1. Recently diagnosed with NSCLC (see my intro here... http://lungevity.org/l_community/viewto ... 400#383400) Would like to connect with someone as a sounding board and sharing experiences. email. ,chat, phone, however works best for both parties
  2. Hello all, My name is Doug. I am 58 year old that was diagnosed a cpl weeks ago with poorly differentiated NSCLC. I had gone in for a regular physical and had been fighting off a cold with heavy chest congestion. When the Dr listened to my lungs, he was concerned about pneumonia and ordered a chest x-ray. When it came back there was a spot that eventually was identified as a 8.5cm x 5cm malignant tumor. I am in the process of a series of additonal tests Blood, PFT, Brain MRI, PET/ CT scan, so we can determine next steps. Was all set fo rthe Pet scan today and then the meeting with the oncologist next Monday to discuss treatment. Unfortunately, when I got to the clinic, i was informed that the scanner had broken down, So now, it's another week of waiting as they only do scans on Weds and I had to be rescheduled for next week. The good news so far is that all that all the other test have come back clean....woohoo!!
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