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  1. Dear Janet, I am very sorry to hear about your loss. My heart goes out to each and every one in your family. I've just lost my gran. She died on xmas day VERY suddenly. She was only officially diagnosed on the 23rd and was taken into hospital becuase of a chest infection. She made excellent progress and we thought she would get out. She died at 12.40 xmas eve/xmas day so I understand how shocked you are. We are all still so shocked ... we thought we had so long left with her. I know this may sound harsh but we are glad she is gone now rather than 12 months down the line. It wouldnt have been fair on her. She couldnt be treated and it would have been the worst 12 months of her life. That and only that gives my heart some peace. I hope one day that may give you some peace too. He sounds like he was a fine man and one day it might seem better that you remeber him just as he was and not someone who was frail and needed nursing. My deepest sympathies again. Catherine.
  2. I am a girl of 18. On December the 23rd my gran was diagnosed as having lung cancer which was untreatable. She was given 6 - 12 months to live. She had a chest infection and was taken into the hospital. On christmas eve she had improved and was allowed out on boxing day. She never made it. She suddenly died at 12.40pm xmas eve/xmas day. My gran is the first person I have ever lost and even though I wasnt close to her I miss her so much and I am devastated that she is gone from us all. I dont know how to deal with the grieveing. I dont want to get upset in fornt of my family incase they get upset, especially my dad as he is being so brave about it. I just feel as thought I cant speak to anyone and even if I could I wouldnt know what to say. How can I get over this when I feel I cant talk about it?
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