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  1. Thanks, Dawn. There is so much to navigate, but I'm glad there is help and info out there to be had.
  2. Thanks, Ned. I'll have to remember that. I think he was offshore very briefly. I'll have to ask him about it.
  3. Thanks Eric. That means a lot. I've been dooming and glooming big time here, and we don't even have a diagnosis yet. I've got to take care of my own mental health--I'm realizing that.
  4. Thanks, Bud. Is that a recumbent bike? I've always wanted one.
  5. Thanks so much, Dawn! i didn't realize you needed to apply for disability to get Medicaid. I had gone on a PA website and taken a quick quiz to see if we "may" qualify and health care was one thing they said we "may" qualify for along with food stamps. Anyway, I'm looking for ways to pare down our expenses so I can stay in this house at least as long as I have dh with me. That is my goal. He really likes it here and it would break his heart to have to move.
  6. Thanks so much, Dawn! Dh was in the Navy and barely qualifies as a Vietnam *era* vet but was never in the country. But we're thinking maybe asbestos benefits if he is diagnosed. We started the process to get VA benefits and are in contact with the American Legion to kick it along. Our financial situation has changed for the worse since then, so we need to update once I get our taxes back. I have to decide whether to go for Medicaid, which we would probably qualify for, or go VA. I would think VA would be more "permanent" but I don't know if Medicaid would get better care or not. Pl
  7. Thanks, Judy. I'm sorry you are in this situation too, but glad to know others are out there. Since posting, I have found our online questionnaire for assistance in my county and find that I may qualify for energy assistance, food stamps, health care, attendant services (when needed) and breast and cervical cancer screening. My husband is *not* happy that he has "worked all (his) life and now has to be on welfare." But, its better than being on the street.
  8. Thanks, Randy. That's very kind and helpful of you.
  9. Thanks, Randy. My worries vary from minute to minute at this point. Right now I'm afraid I'll loose my house in the middle of all this.
  10. Thanks so much for the welcome. Its heartening to know that people have gotten good care from the VA and that this support group is here.
  11. Hi. I'm Gemma. I'm 48 years old. My husband, 54, is scheduled for a chest xray on Tuesday for possible lung cancer. We have no insurance and are in the process of trying to get some through the VA. Our financial situation is not good, even without the lack of insurance issue. There is so much to think about--so much to worry about with this, but I'm trying to take it one day at a time and try to focus on the good. I'm already learning that I will have to ask for help--lots of it in lots of different areas of life. The days of being "an island" are over.
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